Friday, January 13, 2023

Earth Tones: finished

I realized that I needed a semi-quick baby quilt recently.  I know I can always be late with baby quilts, but try to be on time.  For some reason, earth tones kept coming to my mind.  I know they're not all that normal for a baby, but I don't think the baby will really care.  I usually choose colors that I like.  

I found a pattern that looked fun and, bonus, it was super easy.  I saw the quilt first at Quilting By Dawn, although I'm not sure of any further information about the original.  As with most quilts, I figure out sizes and measurements on my own.  I split the colors from the browns.  Based on darkness, I started with the lightest color and darkest brown and alternated color/brown, getting lighter or darker.  I used Kona solids from my stash: Nautical, Sand, Hunter Green, Stone, Teal Blue, Spice, Artichoke, Spice, Waterfall, Eucalyptus, and White.

I did an all-over quilting of seafoam, which is a mix of swirls and pebbles.  It isn't one that I choose very often lately, but it seemed to be perfect for this.

I backed it with a dark green minky and bound it in sateen and it's all set!

Monday, November 21, 2022

Meshing Triangles 2: finished

After Meshing Triangles got into the AQS quilt show in Grand Rapids, I posted the news, along with a picture, on Facebook.  It lead to an old friend reaching out and wondering if I could make a similar one for her prayer space.  This was a fun quilt to make, and I love making quilts for people, so I immediately said yes!

I love how this one came out too.  Trying to figure out how to blend the triangles while making use of what I have on hand and not going crazy is always a fun problem.  For the quilting, I did back and forth in the background and in the triangles I did a back and forths in both triangle colors.  

The photo shoot day was rather windy, but one picture almost turned out ok.  The Kona colors I used include: artichoke, bluegrass, camilla, carrot, Chinese red, corn, cosmos, hibiscus, hunter green, mint, Paris blue, sienna, teal blue, and water.  Eggshell was used for the background.

Lastly, I put a hanging sleeve on the back.  I had used some striped fabric that I had laying around since I knew it was not going to be seen.  What I didn't anticipate is that if I also made a sleeve from said fabric it would be much easier to align than normal!  If I'm expecting to make more hanging sleeves in the future I'm definitely going to do this again because everything stayed lined up.

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Finished: Scrap Arrows

 It took several years, but I finally finished the scrap arrows quilt!

It's based off an piece of art in the guest bathroom at my brother's house.  I couldn't make it quite the same because otherwise it would have been too big, but they're obviously related.

I got the blocks from the Scrap Bee in during 2017.

So while I was taking the initial photo shoot for this quilt I noticed an obvious stain on the white.  It didn't wash out.  So I ended up unpicking the quilting, unpicking the piecing from that area, and replacing the piece of fabric.  It's a slightly whiter white, but at the same time if you're not looking for it you can't really tell.  I was annoyed that I needed to do it, but was happy with how the fix turned out.  (It isn't shown below.)

To quilt it I did an all-over swirl in white.  The chevrons were so busy that I didn't need anything special.

Since the front was so scrappy, I decided to use scrap minky for the back too.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Finished: library quilt

 The library quilt is finished!  

I know what you're saying; that doesn't look like it has anything to do with a library!  It's true.  One of the librarians at our local library just had a baby, and I gave it to her.  I was almost on track to finish by the time she was born, but then she came a little early and so I let myself have a little extra time to finish.

The pattern is derived from photos at TheQuiltYarn, although the colors are quite a bit different!  I had gotten the center flowers and the teal at a local quilt shop and I really do love them.  As always, it is backed with minky.  I bound it with a ribbon this time and I did not like the ribbon quality.  I've done it a few other times with ribbons and it's been fine, but this time it was not as good.

For the quilting: I matched the thread color to the fabric color.  It helps hide imperfections, and there are a lot in this quilt!  The green stripes have a back and forth, the blue stripes have an echo, and the squares have arcs in them.  I really thought I had found the arc motif in a book, but I can't find it right now. 

Friday, September 16, 2022

Doll quilt

 I recently finished a doll quilt for my mother-in-law.  It wasn't too fancy, but I had the perfect binding color to bring it all together.  It was also a perfect project to make sure my sewing machine was working well, as I had just gotten it tuned up.

The baby quilt that it goes with is this one:

Monday, August 1, 2022

Update July 2022

1. Begonia. This was finished a while ago and I finally got it on the quilter!  ...and then I realized one of the last rows was on backwards. (See the right column in the picture below.)  I had barely quilted that row, so I took the whole thing off and am unpicking things so that I can make it right.  If I had been farther along with the quilting I probably wouldn't have, but I think the wrongness would have been very obvious.

2. Librarian quilt.  I just need to post.  This quilt had two photo shoots because I had forgotten to quilt one of the orange squares.  It was easy enough to fix that though.

3. Meshing Triangles 2.  This is on the quilter and was just as much fun as the first!  This is one design that I could make several times.

4. Rebekah's quilt.  I'm making lots and lots and lots of HSTs.

Quilts with no progress since last time:

5. Scrap quilt. This is still sitting in the same bucket, waiting to be finished.  I've at least changed the picture.  This is my longest WIP, so it seems like I should get it back on the quilter.  We'll see what happens in the next six months though; I'm not holding my breath.

6. Fabric from Christmas.  I've finished burying some threads, but have a few more to do along with binding it.  I'm currently using it in it's unfinished state, which has surprisingly made me less motivated to finish it.

7. Trying to fit in - left over triangles. I put this on the quilter and got some done, but then had to take it off.  It might be off for a bit yet, but hopefully not too long.  It's small, so easy to take on and off as needed.

8. Scrap bee blocks 2017: So I finally took pictures of this after telling myself I needed to do so forever, and I found a spot in the white fabrics.  I ended up replacing the fabric with the spot and just finished requilting it.  So I have some new threads to bury and it needs a final post...possibly with new pictures?

9. Winter quilt.  I thought I'd working on this during the winter and haven't touched it.

10. Temperature quilt.  I need to quilt this.  It's from 2017, so it's rather low on the priority list. 

11. Doll quilt.  I just had my quilter get a check-up and while it's running wonderfully, all of the tension was changed and off.  This might be a good choice to quickly finish up to get the tension back to normal.  (It's almost there, just a little bit off still.)

Quilts I haven't started but don't want to forget
12. Stash Bee 2022b.
  I had enough blocks to make a second baby quilt.
13. Jenny - baby quilt
14. Wendy
15. Fractured 2
16. Nephew
17. Christen

Monday, July 11, 2022

Green Quarter Log cabin - finished

I've been attending a Mom's group at church and this baby snuck up on me quickly.  I knew for most of the year that she was pregnant and yet suddenly the baby was here!

Anyway, I was Queen Bee in January for Stash Bee, so I decided to use those blocks for the quilt.  I started laying them out and realized quickly that it was way to big for a baby quilt.  So I've only used a bit over half of them, which means I can use the other half for another baby quilt!

For the bee block I asked for a log cabin block and then I cut them in quarters.  In hind-sight, this was probably not the best choice for a bee block.  Bee blocks come in with all sorts of tolerances, and then when I cut them the things seemed to get worse.  (I would like to note that I am not always the best at getting the block size perfect either, especially if I'm doing the whole quilt.  I try really hard and am getting better, but I'm often surprised at how some of my seams end up so small.)  I used Kona Hunter Green for the setting triangles.

I used a leaf motif for quilting.  I thought it fit the green theme well.  I didn't quilt on the white squares, because I didn't want the green thread showing up.

As always, the back is minky.  I used a satin ribbon for binding.