Sunday, February 25, 2018

blog hop - making time to sew

Hello!  This month's blog hop topic with Faith and Fabric is making time to sew: how do I set aside time, when do I sew, etc. (I signed up for this blog hop a while ago, and it seems that many people have gotten busy and didn't do their post.  We can still have fun with a small hop though!)

Well, the first and most important aspect of my making time to sew is that I don't do housework after the kids are in bed for the night.  (Sometimes I'll pay a bill or do something computer related at night, but it's usually short.)  It helps that my husband is on board with this plan.  The house might be a mess, but it will get cleaned up later.  This leaves me from about 8:30-11:30 to do whatever I want.

My pretend schedule is that the first hour I play a computer game, World of Warcraft.  The second hour I quilt on the quilter.  The third hour I piece.

World of Warcraft: this is my character.  She heals people and enjoys collecting pets.  I'm not a great healer, but my husband plays too and it's fun to do things with him.

Quilting time: I haven't quilted in a while because I was trying to build up a stock of tops to quilt while my sewing machine was getting a tune-up.  But then I learned that it would take about three weeks.  I couldn't to get in the queue and bring it in closer to the time it would actually be worked on.  I'll check back later and see if the line has gotten shorter.  Anyway, all that to say that I finally put a quilt back on last night.

Piecing time: There's nothing too special to say about this.  This is when I'm at my sewing machine, which is also next to my computer.  I usually listen to audio books while quilting and piecing.

I'll freely admit that the schedule above gets changed all the time.  Some days I play a lot more computer games.  Some days I don't have anything to quilt.  Most days the quilting time is actually closer to a half hour.  However, I usually average at least an hour of sewing time a day.

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  1. Your last photo looks like a fun project - a rainbow quilt?? My daughter would love it! My schedule changes constantly too, but we get there, right?

  2. You are very fortunate to have a longarm quilting machine. Sounds like you've found a schedule that works for you. That's what counts.


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