Friday, April 18, 2014

The cross

Today being Good Friday, my family and I celebrated the death of Jesus.  So tonight I thought it fitting to work on the cross quilt.

The fabric was given to me by an aunt, so I thought I'd turn it into a quilt for her.  She has decorated her house with many items to remind us of God's love, so the symbol is fitting.  (It is also easy enough to put into a quilt based on value.)

After looking at the B&W version I realized the right side had a few more light squares than the left.  Besides that it is good enough...not perfect, but there is contrast as needed.

I currently have all the pairs put together and am starting four-squares tonight.  As long as the cat doesn't mess it up too much...she seems to think that fabric on the floor is for her and only for her.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sarah's quilts

Sarah gave me the privilege of quilting two quilts for her again...and she was very understanding as it took me some extra time due to sickness.

The first one was her mom's.

The middle part was quilted with meandering stars.  Below was my favorite square.  This song kept running through my head while I was quilting it.

The outside border was a normal stipple and was my son's favorite part of the quilt.  He's into stars lately, since they are one of the two shapes that he knows.

I called this the blue quilt, but I guess there is a lot of white and green in it too.  Anyway, I loved the color combo...this picture doesn't show it well because I finally gave up waiting for a sunny day and took the pictures on a rainy day.

The quilting is wavy lines.