Friday, May 29, 2015

Another baby quilt

Another friend had a baby recently. They weren't telling the gender ahead of time, so I wasn't able to get the quilt ready either. But I've finished it pretty quickly and think it turned out very cute. I also went somewhere else to take pictures. I should really do that more often; it is easy to always take the same pictures around my own house.

I first saw the pattern here.  I'm not sure from where the original pattern came.

I double dipped with some fabrics that I had purchased for another quilt but still had a lot left.  It was a pleasant surprise!

As normal for my baby quilts, the back is minky and the border is sateen.  Hmm, the quilting didn't show up as well as normal in the picture below.  Oh well...I still like showing the back.  This pictures shows that it was green.

This one's better.  Orange peels (full or half) in the colors parts and a double loop in the white parts.  I did an orange peel flower in each quadrent of the larger squars and quilted a small square inside when going between the flowers.  I like how the inner square tied it together.

And one last shot...I was thinking about taking more but it was rather windy.

This was my May ALYOF goal.  Hmm.  It appears as though I forgot to actually link up.  Oh well, I still finished!  However, I will still join up with Whoop-whoop Friday, Link-A-Finish Friday, Finish it up Friday, Sew Cute Tuesday, and Fabric Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I have a few days left before starting June's goal, (June!  How is it so close already??) and so I pulled out the blocks from the Simply Solids bee.  I love them, but there was no person to give them to and so I stalled out.  I now have someone in mind, but it still might be a bit.

Anyway.  I am having a hard time with the layout.  All the blocks are so different!  Maybe that's a good thing and it means any layout will be fine.  But if you see some blocks that should maybe be switched, please let me know.  In the meantime, I'll be making one more block for the lower right.

It's still Wednesday!  It's a WIP!  See others' projects too

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Long seams

I've decided.  Sewing the long seams when putting rows together is my least favorite part of quilting.

Binding might come next, but by that time I'm so close to the end it isn't so bad.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Bloggers' Quilt Festival: Original Design

I'm entering Noah's Quilt into the Bloggers' Quilt Festival under Original Design.

It started as a QDAD design.  The block was "criss-cross variation" (per EQ7) and I rotated and flipped some of the blocks.  The original looked like this:

I constructed the blocks in such a way that a subtle change was made from the original design; by the small triangles, the rectangles don't meet at a point but instead at a line.  I'm calling it a design feature. :)

These pictures were taken in a light snowfall, hence the white specks.  For quilting I used Mesh Curtain in three sections in the grey squares.  I love the texture that showed up by doing it that way.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival: ROY G BIV

This past winter I started a quilt.  A rainbow quilt.  I've always loved rainbow quilts, but hadn't really ever done one.  (I did two more quickly after this one!)

The pattern is Metro Rings.  I had been planning to slowly work on it in between other projects, but it was just way too much fun!

It's one of my favorites.  And I love how the pictures came out: white rings and white snow separated by a rainbow border.

For quilting, I echoed the white arcs.  The "squares" have some orange peels along the diagonals and the rest is filled with pebbles.  The leaf shapes (or "rectangles") have a back and forth.

I made a pillow to go with it too, another first.  I hadn't read the instructions quite right and had a few left over pieces.

I'm adding this to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tulip Time quilt show

It's tulip time again here in Holland.  That means it's time for a quilt show!

We tried to go in the morning, but I instead ended up with a nasty smelling car as my oldest was sick.  We tried again in the afternoon with much more success.

Kaleidoscope by Arla Beukema, from Stack & Whack Book.  (I really like the idea of stack and whacks and would like to make one sometime.  I really like this setting as it gives the eye a place to rest.)

Deloa's Delight, quilted by Deloa Jones.  My oldest said he had a pretty quilt to show me and brought me over to this one.  I liked it too.  Our tastes seemed to match pretty well.

 Dusk (top) and Dawn (bottom): Made by Kristen Kennedy, Quilted by Darla Parks, designed by Christina Lane.  These two drew me from the beginning.  I ended up choosing Dawn as one of my favorites because I liked the quilting a bit better, but it was a hard decision.

 Oh look!  It's mine!  Top made by and quilted by Amanda Hilldore, design by Charlotte Newland.  My son found it right away, before I even spotted it. :)  It's fun to have it in a show, but my wall at home is looking rather bare.

Ocean Blue, made by Ella Porretta, quilted by Ella Porretta and Donna Cooper, designed by Karen Eckmeier.  I'm always drawn to these Ocean/Lakes quilts.  I think I should add it to my bucket list.  Oh, I just read the rest of the sign.  It was made by an eight year old.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


1. Baby girl quilt.  This is my goal for May's ALYoF.  We didn't learn the gender until the baby was born, so I wasn't able to work ahead.  I had started pulling fabrics for another girl quilt, since I knew I needed one by August anyway, but that pull was wrong for this baby.  How can that be?  They're both baby girls.  But I ended up using the "leftovers" from this quilt and it is coming along nicely.  I have a few more large seams to finish up (yuck) and can then start quilting.

2. scrap quilt.  I finished the blues this past month!  I've started working on purple.

3. QSTI started quilting this one, but expect to take it off the frame to finish May's goal.

4. Baby boy quilt - using Urban Cabins.  I'd like to finish by July.
5. Baby quilt, girl.  I made the fabric pull and have the pattern figured out.  I'd like to finish by August.
6. Baby quilt, boy.  I'd like to finish by August.
7. Space robot quilt.  I made a bunch more blocks this month
8.  Pluses quilt.  April 2011.
9. Make the wall hanging for office.  June 2012.
10. Orphan rocket block  July 2013.
11. Pillow for family room.  August 2013.
12. Simply solids bee quilt.  August 2013.
13. Quilt nautical quilt  Nov 2013. 
14. Quilt Christmas quilt  Nov 2013.
15. Jeweled floors.  Not started
16. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  Not started
17. Winter quilt. Not started

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Bee blocks

Just a quick catch up on my bee blocks.

March was Autumn Chain, but the colors were mixed up from the original directions.  This made it slightly harder to piece, but more fun too. 

April's block was another Tic Tac Toe block.  It was to be bright colors with text for the X.  I didn't have any black on white text fabric and went on a hunt.  I was going to go to one store (who ended up having one that would have worked) but they were closed when I was ready to shop.  (Side note: while I understand why shops don't open until 10, 9-10am is really prime shopping time for me.)  So I went to the other fabric store.  They had tons of text print, but only one black on white.  I almost cheated and did navy on white, but decided to stick to the letter.  It worked out well because I need to use black on white text for next month too.