Friday, October 31, 2014

Baby boy quilt

Last week I finished another quilt for my mother-in-law.  This time it was a cute baby boy quilt.

I quilted meandering stars in the starry background and waves (similar to one of the fabrics) in the columns.

The back shows the quilting nicely too.  I almost did a darker color thread, but decided I didn't want to deal with getting the tension just right so that it didn't show.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I finished quilting the cross on my Aunt's quilt.  It went rather quickly and even though this is my first time doing wood grain, I am a huge fan.

There were several times that I thought it looked terrible as I was quilting, but once you take a larger look at it, it looks great!  I did have a wrinkle problem though, and the backing flannel seems to be discolored around the seam.  Of course, I didn't notice that until the cross was all quilted...I think that I'm just going to leave it though.

And a close up...

(I know, terrible pictures.  But the children slept in so I had some time in the pre-dawn to take pictures.  Some pictures are better than no pictures.)

Now onto Metro came together so quickly that I don't have any backing, so today's errand is to go get that!

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update:a few people have asked if I'm doing more quilting and the answer is yes!  Next I'm doing some straight lines out from the center, but decided it would be easiest to do with the walking foot, so I took it off the mid-arm frame.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Doll quilt

I finished quilting a doll quilt to go with my niece's quilt.

For reference, here is the large quilt.  The larger octagons have hearts and cupcakes, the squares have rainbows, and the border is feathered.

Here is the doll quilt:
I put hearts in the unicorn squares, stippled the nine patches, and put some feathers in the outer border.  It uses a subset of the same elements as the larger quilt, but in a way that made the doll quilt come together rather quickly.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Metro Lattice layout

This past week I worked on my Metro Lattice.  I meant to get back to Space Robots a little sooner, but this one was so cheerful and rainbow-y.  I'm up to the layout.  Do I go with:

#1, which is laid out such that the prints in the ovaly things match the print they're next to (look at the blue with white circles...the little piece is next to the big piece)

or #2, in which I moved all the ovaly parts around so that they're next to a different print? (If you look at the big blue with white circles piece, the is a different print next to it in the small piece.)


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Saturday, October 4, 2014

quilt show

My mother-in-law and I bravely took my two boys and went to the West Michigan quilt show.  It was larger than I expected, and there were lots of wonderful quilts.  Here are some of my favorites...

 Interlocking stars by Susan Hooker

 Light and Shadows by Nancy McCormick

 54-40 or Flight and ShooFly by Susan Hooker  (I just realized I have two in my favorites by her!)

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (partial image) by Sue Cortese

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese.  The quilting made this my favorite of them all.  I probably could have looked at it for a while longer, but with two small boys that didn't seem practical.

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese

Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese