Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November goal

I just realized it was the last day of the month and that I hadn't shown my completed November goal!  I finished the top a few days ago.

I used the scraps from this quilt.  I had to add some squares and ended up cutting out way too now I still have scraps from this color way.  I might just throw them back in their respective color bins since they're squares and easier to use later.

It turned out about as I expected.  In the original concept you could see the light purple squares around the yellow diamonds better, but the dark purple triangle in the bottom left was on purpose and came out well.

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Monday, November 21, 2016

Stash Bee quilt - finished!

I was part of a quilting bee this year.  This bee is exactly what I was looking for in a bee.  The rules and guidelines are there, but there are few limitations on what you can choose for your block.  I received all my blocks within two months and the last person was in communication and so I knew that she just needed more time.  (It seems like a small thing, but previous bees haven't gone that well.  Not bad, but this one has been the best.)  It might have been fun if hive had been a bit more social, but it's not as though I did anything to promote that and everyone, including myself, is busy.  I'm hoping to do it again next year and will find out in December if I got in.

This year I choose a random HST in grey scale with pops of color.

I asked for the other members to use at least three different shades in the white to black spectrum, all solids.  Because I do love my solids.  One of the triangles was to be a different color.  I did let them know that it was going to be for a boy, so that's why there are more blues than some of the other colors.

People also sent enough extras for me to make an additional long row.  There was a reason at the time I added the extra row...maybe to balance out the shades a bit?  I don't remember, but since I can't tell I'm going to assume that it worked well.

The squares all lined up very well.  It helped to have nesting seams, but apparently my bee-mates were also great at the quarter inch seam.

I backed it with grey minky and bound it in sateen, per normal.  For quilting I did wavy lines, except for the colored triangles.  In those I did some pebbles.  It was nice and fast, something I was looking for after the previous quilt, while still having in interesting element.

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Sunday, November 20, 2016


These trimmings are rather old, but I still think they're rather fun to see.  They're from my Aunt's quilt.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Quilting HI quilt - ready to go

I have the HI quilt loaded on the quilter.  My son helped me pick out the thread (the quilt is for him)

I also asked him a while ago what he wanted on it.  "Wires, swirls, loops, and circles," he responded.  I had him draw some, and then added in a few of the things he couldn't draw so well.

Um, yeah.  He doesn't seem to realize that you can't pick up a quilting design like you can a marker.  His wires are more or less a cross-hatch...which would be ok, but not with other things too.  He didn't like the points in my swirls.  He doesn't want lines going over the swirls. I'm ready to start quilting, but only have a poor idea of how to do it.  Right now I'm thinking free-hand lines up and down in the HIs, swirls with circles in the inner border, and loops in the outer border.  I might change my mind by the time I start though. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2016

October recap

1. bee hive scrap something - baby girl quilt. My goal for November is to figure out a design and sew the top together.  I previously thought I had about 540 HSTs, but I really have about 280.  I'm not sure where my math went wrong. :p  Anyway, that's not quite big enough for a baby quilt, so I'll add in some plain squares too.

2. Baby quilt (boy). This is almost done; I need to put on the binding and bury a few threads.  Hurray!

3. Aunt's quilt. I've put a few rows together.  Nothing exciting but it is at that stage where it will suddenly become a top before expected.

Other items still waiting around...or newly added.   

4. scrap quilt #2.  
5. Scrap quilt.   
6. Simply solids bee quilt.     
7. Rainbow log cabin.  
8. Orphan rocket block.  
9. Jeweled floors.

10. New purse   
11. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).    
12. Winter quilt.    
13. fabric from Christmas.    
14. A pillow with green/purple fabric.
15. Sunset wall hanging.  
16. Quilt nautical quilt.  
17. A few simple pillows to go with the wedding quilt 
18. Quilt HI quilt