Saturday, January 30, 2016

Space Robots

I finally finished Space Robots!  It's been a long paper piecing adventure.

The block was originally designed by Kate Cooper as a QDAD.  I liked it because I was looking for something with a large spot for the novelty fabric, but it wasn't the main focus - the rest of the block held its own too.

The black background ones have yellow inside and a changing color thin border.  The blue background ones have a white thin border and a changing color inside.

The back was fleece with robots.  It's soft, which might be the best selling point of the quilt for my son.

I quilted it in a rainbow variegated thread with my go-to meandering stars.  It fit nicely with the theme and I can do it pretty quickly.

Here it is on his bed.

This was my goal for One Monthly Goal.  Also linking up with Finish It Up Friday.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Non-Christmas quilt

I finished quilting my mother-in-law's quilt.  I thought it was a Christmas quilt, but when I actually looked at it it was more of a winter quilt - there were snowmen on it.

So I quilted snowmen on it, surrounded by snowflakes.  The brown borders have snowflakes and the aqua border has circles.  They remind me of the snowballs used to make snowmen.

I found the quilting design from In The Box Jaunt.  I did some snowmen with scarves, some without scarves, and some with stick arms.

The snowmen were quilted in light grey.  The inner snowflakes were done in white.  The outer snowflakes were done in brown to match the fabric.

It was a fun quilt to work on - I enjoyed doing some new designs.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


I remembered why I don't like fleece.  It shocks me about once every thirty seconds.  I hope my son appreciates it. :)

(We have humidifiers upstairs, but they're rather far away from the quilter.  If it continues during the actual quilting part, which I'm hoping it won't, I'll set up another.)

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January update

It's the beginning of a year!  I worked on many of these projects in December and since it is a new year they are all getting a quick recap of where they stand.

1. Space robot quilt. The top is finally done!  I was looking through the archives and realized that my son looked so much younger when I got the initial fabric.  I'm finishing up the backing (hopefully it will be big enough) and then it'll be going on the quilter.  My goal for January is to finish this.

 2. Baby quilt.   This is Matrix by Anne of Springleaf Studios.  It is almost done; I'm just waiting on the gender of the baby to be revealed before binding it.

3. The bee hive quilt. I decided I need 30 blocks for this quilt to make it a size that I want.  Blah.  I received about 12 from the bee and am working on more.  It is probably going to take quite a bit longer than I was hoping.

4. A baby quilt.  I found out about a baby that is coming a few months.  So I used Meadow Mist Design's Plus Plus quilt.  I still need to quilt it and then will be waiting on the gender again to determine the binding color. 

5. Sunset wall hanging.  I add a semi-circle every once in a while when I'm on a trip.  I forgot my disappearing ink on the last trip so not as much got done as I was hoping.

6. Scrap quilt. I took some off the bottom to add to the top so that the design wouldn't be covered by pillows.  But now it looks too short - I'll need to try and figure out what grey I used and add a bit more to the bottom.

7. Simply solids bee quilt.  The main part is done, now I need to add the side triangles and probably borders.  I dislike working with big pieces, but it needs to be done.

8. scrap quilt #2.  I'm so excited about this one.  I ran out of pepper and need to get more, then I'll be back at it.

9. Quilt Christmas quilt.  This has been quilted and the threads tucked in...all that is left is to take some pictures! 
10. A baby quilt.  I have a design idea and the color palette.  I need to order the fabrics and finalize the design.

11. Rainbow log cabin.   It's been set aside, but I'm not really sure why.

12.  Pluses quilt.  I'm a little afraid to open the bag as I think a big mess might be waiting for me...

13. Orphan rocket block.  I think a little bag would be fun.

14. Quilt nautical quilt.  This is still just waiting for quilting.

15. Jeweled floors. I have the fabric and a design inspiration, but the quilt design hasn't become apparent yet.  I need to start working on it again.

16. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  I have the fabric and the ideas.  I really just need some "down time" on the quilter.  Well, and to make it, but shouldn't take much time.

17. Winter quilt.  I have a design figured out and the fabric.  I'm ready to start!  It's also winter time and there isn't much snow, so I expect I'll start this rather soon.

18. fabric from Christmas.  I received some beautiful fabric for I just need to figure out what to do with it.

19. Kids' quilt.  This is kind of a "sew this when a child wants to sew and I don't have anything good for them to sew."  I don't expect a ton of progress.

20. A pillow.  I got this fabric a long time ago for such a purpose - I should use it!

Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 - Year in Review

2015 - I feel like I accomplished a surprising amount.  I have the quilts I completed below, but there were also 11 bee blocks, a few pillows, some quilting for my mother-in-law, and a smattering of miscellany.   I did very well completing my monthly goals while still having fun.

Top row:
1. Swim suit quilt - October ALYoF (goal post, final post)
2. Rainbow zigzags - February ALYoF (goal post, final post)
3. Places to Go - July ALYoF (goal post, final post)
4. Urban log cabins - final post

Second row:
1. Braid in a braid - April ALYoF (goal post, final post)
2. Matrix - December ALYoF (goal post, final post)
3. Noah's quilt - January ALYoF (goal post, final post)
4. Baby V's quilt - March ALYoF (goal post, final post)

Third row:
1. Emery's quilt - May ALYoF (goal post, final post)
2. Random Triangles 2 - August ALYoF (goal post, final post)
3. Cross quilt - final post
4. Sunset quilt - in progress  - June ALYoF

Forth row:
1. Stack - n -whack - November ALYoF (goal post, final post)
3. Rotating squares - final post
4. Metro lattice - final post

Linking up with the final ALYoF. :(