Thursday, July 30, 2015

Places to go - finished

I finished this quilt as part of my July ALYoF goal (#30)...and before the baby has been born.

This quilt is for my cousin's son.  As part of the baby shower, everyone wrote a blessing or a Bible verse on a square of fabric.  Mine is below - "Remember that God 'will do more than we ask or imagine.' Eph 3:20."

I'm calling the quilt "Places to Go" because there are care on the themed fabric an the blessings show how to go.  And babies and toddlers always, always have places to go and things to do.

I did a stipple over the squares that didn't have writing on them and put a car (and maybe a sign) in the dark blue squares.  I found the cars from The Inbox Jaunt.  I used the simple version.  And since the stipple looked so much like a road, I added a few signs (squares and triangles on sticks) to make it look even more like a road.

The back has the car fabric.

Off we go!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Three quilts!

It is currently baby season again.  Have you noticed they seem to come in groups?  Anyway, I currently have three baby quilts done.  Three!  Two are for babies that aren't even here yet.  I'm rather amazed that I'm so on top of it.  I still need to get pictures of two of them, but in the meantime they're sitting in the house, making me feel happy.

But, in all fairness, there is one more baby in August and I don't think that he will get his blanket on time.  I have started working on it though, so hopefully it won't be too late either.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Urban log cabins

Urban log cabins has been a long time in finishing.  It was going to be for a baby that ended up being a is the new neutral, right?  Well, maybe I didn't make the background navy enough but in my mind this is definitely a boy's quilt.  So the top was mostly done and then it sat, waiting for the right baby.

Well, the right baby has come along!  In an effort to take more interesting pictures, my boys and I visited a local park.  It is a bit more work, but so much more fun to find cool places to take pictures.

But I still haven't quite figured out how to drape a quilt on a sitting place and make it look...right.

The quilt features two different color ombres.  (I don't think ombre is quite the right word, but am not sure what it should be.  Two different hue changes?  I'm really not sure.)  The first is up and down, where the large rectangles in the quilt go from whitest to dark green.  It is an approximate...there are a few times I had to flip it a bit.

Secondly, from side to side the L-parts of the cabin have an ombre.  Both ombres use the same colors, so one corner is white-white and the opposite corner is dark-dark.

I debated the quilting on this for a long time.  The problem was that I didn't want thread that contrasted too much in any of the green parts.  And there wasn't a good way to do just the blue parts without a ton of starting and stopping.  So I ended up with straight lines.  Two in each of the big stripes and two in the little almost-stripes up in one direction and two in just the little stripes in the other direction.

Per my normal for baby blankets, backed in minky and bound in sateen.

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Bee blocks - May and June

For May we made the double star block.  I like how it turned out and think the final quilt will turn out quite nice, especially since every was given the same background fabric to use.

For June we made Wanta Fanta.  I really liked this block when it came out and was glad to get to try it.  I could see making this one for my month.  Again, the block turned out nicely and I can't wait to see the final result.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

July rollover

1. Baby blessing quilt. As part of a baby shower some relatives wrote on fabric squares.  I put the top together this past month.  (Which took way longer than it should have because I didn't lay it out properly.)  So for the July ALYoF, my goal is to quilt and bind.

Other things that are still in progress that I worked on this past month...
2. Sunset wall hanging.  This is all ready for hand quilting.  It took a few iterations, but I'm happy with it now.

3. Baby quilt, girl.  This is finished!  I just need to take pictures of it.

4. Baby boy quilt - using Urban Cabins.  I just need to tie off threads and bind.  The baby has shown up, so I'm hoping to do this promptly.

5. Pillow for family room.  I don't think I'm going to quilt this because there are so many seams.  I have all the panels ready and just need to put them together.

Other items on which I didn't make progress this month...
6. scrap quilt. 
7. Simply solids bee quilt.  
8. map wall hanging.  
9. Stack and whack.  

10. QST.

11.  Baby quilt, boy I'd like to finish by August - I have a plan and fabric, but kind of doubt I'll get it done on time.  I can hope though.
12. Baby quilt, gender TBD.  I'd like to finish by December
13. Space robot quilt.
14.  Pluses quilt. 
15. Orphan rocket block 
16. Quilt nautical quilt   
17. Quilt Christmas quilt 
18. Jeweled floors. 
19. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt). 
20. Winter quilt. I colored some layouts for this and have one I'm happy with.
21. Baby quilt.  I'd like to finish by January