Friday, August 26, 2016

Skyscraper windows

A while ago, a challenge was offer with QDAD (Quilt Design A Day).  It's been a while since I've actually designed quilts on a regular basis, but every once in a while I do and I like looking at the other designs.  Anyway, we were given a picture with colors, as normal, but if we made the quilt it would possibly be entered in a special exhibit at QuiltCon.  That sounded fun, so I thought I'd make one.

Here is the picture.

I really like working with blocks.  I played around with several things until I came up with this block.
Do you see how it imitates the picture?  The dark blue, white and grey are approximations of the buildings, with the sky above and the lighter stuff under it.  Yeah, the lighter stuff all got to be orange which doesn't match as well, but I needed a pop of color.

If you rotate it sometimes, you can end up with a quilt that looks like this:

To me, the orange and light blue imitate windows.

I had no idea what thread to use for this; any color would show up well in some places and hide in other places.  I ended up using Mono-Poly on the suggestion of someone in the Facebook group.  Overall, I was happy with the choice.  It did skip more stitches that I was happy with, but I didn't go back and fix them.  *gasp*

The windows have square back-and-forths, similar to blinds.  They do overlap each other where the windows overlap.  I also quilted two blue windows in a blue thread and two orange windows in an orange thread...the picture above does show that but it might be hard to see.  The part in between the windows has straight lines.

I used some pixelated fabric for the back.
I bound it in the dark blue.  I also tried to get a picture with it next to a window, but the sun washed it out on the day I was taking pictures.

This was my August goal, and I finished it with time to spare!!  I'm also linking up with Whoop Whoop Friday.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Intial fabric pull

This is my initial fabric pull for my aunt's quilt.  She likes bright colors.  I'm not sure if I want to go with a rainbow theme, but some sort of order to the madness might be nice.

I need 360 squares.  I have

pink - 30
orange - 31
yellow - 27
green - 36
aqua - 36
purple - 56

Wow, except for purple those came out surprisingly similar.  I could probably cut enough more squares from the fabric that I have, but I am planning on going to the fabric store tomorrow...we'll see if there is anything else from a non-purple color that might be perfect.

The dark purples always seem a bit out of place, but I think they'll add some nice depth overall.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

split seam

I was almost done with quilting the QDAD challenge piece when I spotted it.  A split seam.

Where did that come from???  There's plenty of fabric.  I'm still not sure...the thread that was in the blue came out very easily, but was still in well before the picture.  It's as though the thread in the white part disappeared.

But, I needed to fix it.  I used some MonoPoly and tacked it down.  It's there if you know what to look for, but isn't too bad.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Recap of July

1. QDAD challenge piece.  This is my goal for August.  I just have to put some rows together and quilt.  Below is half of the piece.

2. Wedding quilt. All the blocks are done.  Next to put them together.  This will be my piecing project once I finish piecing the challenge piece above.  The wedding is in September.  I don't have to finish by then, but it would be nice to do so.

3. The bee hive quilt.  This is finished, but I need to take pictures.  It's going to be a bit before I see the recipient, so it's been languishing in the the laundry basket for quite a while.

4. Sunset wall hanging.   This has been my vacation work as I'm doing the quilting by hand.  I surprisingly finished it up on the last trip; I thought I still had a ways to go.  I'm going to put the binding on by hand too, a new thing for me.

5. Quilt nautical quilt.   I've had this one for a while, but my mother-in-law doesn't love it and was in no rush to get it back.  I'm putting ropes in sashing and want to put sailboats on the outer border, but am not sure what I'll be putting in the blocks themselves yet.  I might end up taking this off for a bit to put on some of the quilts mentioned above.

Other items still waiting around.  
6. Baby quilt (boy). 
7. bee hive scrap something.
8. scrap quilt #2.
9. Aunt's quilt. 
10. Scrap quilt. 
11. Simply solids bee quilt.     
12. Rainbow log cabin.  
13. Orphan rocket block.  

14. Jeweled floors.  
15. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  
16. Winter quilt.  
17. fabric from Christmas.  
18. Kids' quilt.   
19. A pillow with green/purple fabric.

Big plus, little plus (what begins with plus?)

After about five years, "Big Plus, Little Plus"* is finally finished

It'll be for a little boy due any day now...I'm rather excited that I finished before the baby came!

This time I took pictures at my parents' cottage.  I took them just as the sun was setting, which was rather bad for coloring but great for background.

The quilt is made of a bunch of strips; it was the easiest way to get all of the little pluses in correctly.  I started the design by putting in the big plus and then added the little pluses until I had them scattered about nicely.  

I then made a crazy spreadsheet with the color/size in of each piece in it's location.  Instead of just working on a strip or two at a time I first pieced the top two pieces of each row, then added the third piece, etc.  It was a rather silly way of doing it and I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what strip I had.  I'm going to chalk up the foolishness to still being a rather new quilter when I started, as it is quilt number 7.  (To put it in perspective, I just started working on quilt 62.  They aren't all done, but I do have more experience now.)

The photo above is my favorite.  The one below is the silliest...I think the quilt looks like it is trying to play hide and seek and hide by the logs.

For quilting I used my plus design and a lightly variegated white/grey thread.  

There are whales in minky on the back; I couldn't believe how well the colors matched!  And it is bound in red sateen as normal.

*It took me until I was editing the photos to realize that this shape is not really a plus.  That's a long time of getting the shape wrong, so I'm going to stick with the name to remind me to actually look at what I'm doing.

Finishing this was my goal for July.  I'm also linking up with Finish It Up Friday and Sew Cute Tuesday.

Thursday, July 21, 2016


I found an additional use for the knee-lifter!  A binding holder.  I wrapped the binding around an Aurifil spool and put it on the lifter.  I did have to use a clip so that the binding didn't all come off at once, but that was easy to deal with.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New ironing board

I finally made a new ironing board!  The old one was small, had a cut in it when I missed the cutting board that I had placed on it, and wobbly because one of the leg stoppers was missing.  Oh, and now that I look at the picture it also had a bunch of stains.

I more or less used this tutorial.  My dad had some extra wood, so I got just the perfect size for the desk I'm using.  Not only is it nice and big, it was a great project to do with my young sons!  They especially loved using a staple gun.

I did make the back differently than the tutorial though, mainly because I wanted to use materials that I had on hand and to use more staples.  (staple gun!)  I ended up using that no-slide stuff that you put in drawers.  It helps the board not slide and when you staple it down the staples they go down far enough that they won't scrap the desk.  (Although if I make it again, I'd probably do the back first and cover it with the front.