Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilt 5: finished

I've finally finished this quilt (and it's companion). The quilt is for my niece, who was just born this morning.

The pattern is my own. I saw a lot of random square quilts that I loved, but wanted to try something different. So random triangles it was! If you look closely you can see that not all the points line up and there are some bunches were I had a hard time putting two large pieces together. I think it might need to be made once more to work out the kinks, but overall I'm very happy with how it turned out!

However, we recently moved to the same area as my two- and four-year-old nieces and one of the first things I noticed is how they love their baby dolls. So I thought I'd make a matching blanket for the baby doll of the newborn's sister. Putting the binding on took a lot longer than I was expecting as I did it the "correct" way with a whip-stitch for the first time. I put it in the wash last night - phew! I just finished it in time.


  1. precious!! love the silky binding on the quilt and the doll quilt is so cute to go along with it. so glad you shared. thanks and have a great day

  2. Hi, its beautiful and your own design. Thats great :)

  3. Gorgeous quilt! Your niece is a happy baby:)

  4. Love both of them. Great quilts.


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