Friday, December 4, 2015

December rollover

Just as I think I'm going to make the list go down something new comes up. :)  Ah well, it's fun to have choices to work on and apparently I'm really happy having about 20 of them.

1. Baby quilt.   My ALYoF goal for December (#26) is to almost finish this quilt.  It is Matrix by Anne of Springleaf Studios.  And by almost finish, I mean have everything except the binding done.  The gender of the baby is going to be a surprise, and the binding color will reflect the gender.

2. Space robot quilt.  I'll show you the front eventually.  In the meantime, the whole thing has been put together and almost all the paper has been removed.

3. The bee hive quilt.  I have a few blocks, and am still expecting more.  I will still need to make more to get the size that I want.

4. A baby quilt.  I found out about a baby that is coming in a few months.  So I used Meadow Mist Design's Plus Plus quilt.  I still need to put the blocks together.  I think this is another baby where the gender will be a surprise, so the binding will probably wait until the baby has arrived.

Other items on which I didn't make progress last month...
5. Sunset wall hanging.

6. Scrap quilt. 
7. Rainbow log cabin.  
8. Simply solids bee quilt. 
9. scrap quilt #2. 
10. map wall hanging.  
11.  Pluses quilt. 
12. Orphan rocket block 
13. Quilt nautical quilt   
14. Quilt Christmas quilt  
15. Jeweled floors. 
16. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt). 
17. Winter quilt. 
18. A baby quilt.

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