Monday, October 31, 2016

Wedding quilt

It's finished!  All of the threads are hidden, pictures taken, and it's ready to be delivered this weekend.

First of all, the quilt inspiration is Nonchalant from "20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts".  Our original plan was to do it in three colors, substituting Kona Sand for the white.  But when I got the fabrics all together, there wasn't enough contrast.  So we added some white.  Then for fun some of the medium grey was substituted with a dark grey to round out the value spectrum a bit more.

It's a large queen.  It might actually be a bit too large, but I like my bed quilts on the large side.  That way, if someone needs to steal some blankets in the middle of the night there is still a change the other person has some covers.  It was rather hard to photograph though.

The quilting looks pretty good to me.  Besides the loops, the designs were from "180 doodle quilting designs."  I don't love the quilting in the sand strips.  I found that I have a hard time going straight on the diagonal, and so they're rather wiggly.  When taken as a whole it isn't too bad, but still not my favorite.

However, I really like the quilting in the light and dark greys.  I used pounce to mark the lines, so while they're not perfection they aren't crazy all over the place either.  I love the texture that they give to the quilts.  The saffron (Kona Grellow) pieces got loops.  I realized I would need something easy to get this quilt done in a reasonable amount of time.  I had originally be planning on quilting the white part too, but then decided that it would be softer if I didn't.  (And it was that much faster too.)

The back is minky.  It's just so soft.  The quilting comes through very nicely too.  You can see some of the different color threads (each match the fabric color), but it's not very noticeable.

This was my October goal, and I just managed to finish it! Also linking up with Finish It Up Friday.


  1. I love this quilt, you made some great color choices. I'm with you, I like my quilts larger, mostly so that they hang nicely.


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