Monday, April 30, 2018

May progress

Hey, I got this done in a timely manner!!  I've been having a hard time getting blog posts actually written, but my youngest is supposed to be cleaning his room (and isn't) and so I found a bit of time. :)

Things I've worked on recently:
1. Robot quilt:  Three-quarters of the way quilted.  I'm not super happy with the quilting, but by the time I realized that it was too late.  There are two quilting motifs, mixed together.  The curves of the meandering starts don't mesh well with the angles of circuit board.

2. Bee blocks 2018:  I'm still waiting on several of these, but I know to whom the quilt will go.  This makes it so much more likely that I'll actually finish it in a reasonable amount of time.

3. Baby girl quilt (BHS):  Done - needs a post.  In the meantime, here is an outtake.  It is too shadowy...the photo shoot didn't go nearly as well as I had been hoping.

4. Baby unknown quilt (CKJ):  This is going to be a modified rainbow: orange through blue.  The baby is now here, and is a girl, so I need to get moving on this.

Things I haven't worked on recently (or haven't started yet):
3. Post pictures of Grandma's robot quilt. I should probably take a few more pictures.
2. Temperature quilt. Needs quilting
6. Meshing solid HSTs
7. Rainbow Log Cabin
8. Scrap quilt #2
9. Jeweled floors
10. Lost piece
11. Winter quilt
12. Fabric from Christmas
13. Pillow with green/purple fabric
14. Trying to fit in - left over triangles
15. Black scrap quilt.
16. Quilt Halloween quilt
17.  Scrap bee blocks 2017.
18. Baby boy quilt (HDD)
19. Baby unknown quilt (ZJN)

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