Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pattern Review

I recently became a stay-at-home mom and thought I would try to sell some quilt patterns.  If it works, awesome.  If it doesn't, oh well.  However, I don't know a lot of quilters and so was wondering if anyone would be interested in reviewing the first one I've written, called Interlocking Pinwheels.

The cool thing about the pattern is that I can make the diagrams match the colors that you are actually going to use.

So if you're interested, and can have the pattern reviewed within a month, please leave a comment with the colors that you would use.  If I am lucky enough to get several responses, I'll probably choose one at random and one based on the colors.  I'm afraid that I can't offer you a lot in return, but I will give you a finished .pdf copy of the pattern with your original colors and a second copy with another set of colors if you would like to give it away.

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