Monday, December 3, 2012

Design floor

I thought I'd lay out the duvet tonight and see how it looked.  It's been one of those projects where the individual strips don't look great by themselves, so I needed some reassurance.

It does look a lot better all laid out.  I was also able to find my missing brown least I didn't do the math incorrectly.

I wonder if it would look better in a different layout.  The strips are currently in a repeating pattern from the left.  I can't change the up and down stripes anymore, but the vertical stripes might look better if they radiate from the center.

Hmm, I 'm not sure.  The left and right sides don't match each other, but I figure they'll be hanging off the side of the bed anyway.  It's hand to keep that in mind when analyzing the pictures.  I guess I'll send off the pictures to the intended recipient and see what they like the best.


  1. I like the top one better, I think! Maybe if there weren't two white strips in the middle of the second one, but instead one of the white was between the purples on the left?

  2. I like the top one better too. What a great quilt layout!

  3. Pat likes the top one too. Dad

  4. I agree. I like the top one better as well:)

  5. This is so awesome! Can't wait to see it finished!


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