Monday, December 31, 2012

December (lack of) accomplishments, January goals

Oh, the goals for December didn't go so well.  (Ok, ok, I didn't manage to finish anything!)  Christmas time is busy!
1. Quilt a quilt for Christmas.  This didn't happen because I didn't get the back.  It'll probably be for a birthday now.

2. Make at least one heart block
.  This also didn't happen.  I was thinking about at least cutting out some pieces, but didn't.
3. Make some potholders for Christmas
.  This was code for finish the duvet cover (#4) and I was hoping to finish it for Christmas.  I got really close, but didn't finish.
And some other things that I hope to work on:

4.Work on duvet cover.  The main reason I didn't finish this is because I kept making mistakes while sewing the long rows together and had to unpick them.  It took a while.  I had really been hoping to finish it but didn't quite make it before Christmas time got busy. :(

This is what it looks like right now...the top is upside down and the bottom was gently tossed on top.  I'm not always very neat, but I figure when it is being used it'll be tossed around too.  Might as well start early.

5. make a pattern for the heart block. 
I think I'm going to take this off the list.  I'm not sure that I have enough exposure to make selling patterns worth the time I put into them.  I'll still keep the templates around should I ever change my mind.

6. work on the I-spy quilt.
  No progress 
7. make the wall hanging for office.
No progress

8. pretend to work on scrap quilt.
Pretending accomplished.
9. finish green coasters. 
No progress 
10. Aunt's throw.
No progress
11. Pillow for family room.
No progress
12. Finish Adding Up Nicely baby quilt. 
Progress!  The binding is about half way finished!

I got the clips for Christmas!

13. Quilt blog hop giveaway winner quilt. 
Well, I emailed the second person asking that she finish it by the end of January.  I had intended for the quilting to happen rather soon after the giveaway (which is why I said that they would be finished by Dec 10) and feel like five months should be enough time.  I haven't heard back.  I'm going to take this one off too.  I can always put it back on.
14. Quilt map quilt. 
Progress!  I'm actually pretty far along.  I worked on this one instead of the Christmas quilt.  But then I took it off the quilter.

There are swirls, back and forths, triangles, pebbles, and buildings.  It's been a lot of fun putting in different textures.

15. Another wall hanging for upstairs.
No progress

16. Quilt Sarah's quilt.
Started!  I'm excited to see this one come together.

There are pebbles in the quarter circles and wavy lines in the apple cores.

So for January I'm taking a few of the items off but I'm also adding a few designs that I want to make.  I've been excited about them for a while, so decided to put them on the list.  I ended up with 17 items.  That doesn't sound so bad.  (How many do you think I'll bring into 2014?)
The January top 3...
1. Finish duvet
2. Finish Adding Up Nicely
3. Quilt Sarah's quilt (I need to do about two blocks a day to finish on time.  So far that hasn't been a problem.)
And some other things that I hope to work on:

4. Interlocking hearts quilt (finish by end of April)
5. work on the I-spy quilt  (finish by mid April)
6. make the wall hanging for office
7. pretend to work on scrap quilt
8. finish green coasters
9. Aunt's throw
10. Pillow for family room
11. Quilt map quilt.
12. Another wall hanging for upstairs.
13. Quilt red quilt for mother-in-law (finish by end of October)
14. Random triangles (finish by end of April)
15. Fractured quilt
16. Jeweled floors
17. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas)
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  1. Aren't those clips great! I just love them. Don't worry about not finishing a bunch, at least you did make progress on some things and you are right Christmas is a very very busy month!

  2. December can do that to a person. But three cheers for accomplishing #8 - I like that one! Happy New Year!

  3. I love my quilt!! It is coming out better than expected!! Thank you!!!

  4. I don't know why I set unreasonable expectations for the Holiday season too but it's easy to fall into that trap. Lots of great projects on your plate - take a breath and enjoy. Happy New Year


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