Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July accomplishments, August goals

July ended up being a little odd.  I didn't finish my main goal, which I normally can do, but did get several other things done.

1. Finish the T-shirt quilt. Well, I just got the quilting started.  I decided to piece the back, and that took longer than I was expecting.  I also forgot to order the thread in time, so had to wait a day or two to start quilting until that showed up.  This will end up on the list again for August.
2. Make the July Simply Solids block and the tutorial for the August block.  Done!  One bee block already arrived in the mail for me and I'm excited to see the rest.

3. Finish the castle quilts.  Done!  These were almost done in June; I just had to finish tying up some loose ends (literally :) )

4.  Finish countdown and rocket - Done!  But since I finished it tonight, I don't have final pictures yet.  Here's the rocket part.  (And I know the binding is terrible.  I'm not sure what happened at the corners, but didn't care enough to start all over.)

5.  Quilt the fractured quilt. Done, although I haven't posted pictures yet.  I even have the sleeve put on it.  We decided on rearranging our living room a little bit, so I'm waiting until that is all done to officially hang it up.  In the meantime, while I was trying to have a photo shoot my son decided to step on it.  Normally that would be fine, but I may have freaked out a little when he did it on this one.  I don't want to wash it.

10. Pillow for family room. I have four blocks done and almost no scraps left.  The pillow I got is bigger than the scraps so I either need to make more scraps or sash it.  Any ideas?

15. Rocket pattern. I made the rocket after some big design changes as suggested by my tester.  I like the result, so now I just need to get the pattern set up.

August...even though I finished some things on the list, it didn't shrink.  It seems like it is baby season again.  I probably have one good friend per month having a baby.  I don't need to make quilts for all of them, but it means that I have added some more baby quilts to the list.

1. The main goal, for The Lovely Year of Finishes, is to finish the T-shirt quilt.  And actually finish it this month.

I'd also like to try really hard to:
2. Finish the rocket pattern
3. Cut out everything for the one-up quilt.

And the other things that are still on the list, hanging out:
4. make the wall hanging for office.
5. pretend to work on scrap quilt.
6. finish green coasters.
7. Aunt's throw. 
8. Pillow for family room.
9. Jeweled floors.
10. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas).
11. Charmed baby quilt (October)
12. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt)
13. Baby girl daisy quilt
14. Surprise mini (Christmas)
15. Baby paper airplane quilt
16. Baby quilt - undecided pattern/colors


  1. You've had a very busy month and gotten a lot accomplished. Great job on your wall hanging.

  2. I dont like T-shirt quilts that much, but that looks great, the stitching is really making it. popping over from LYF


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