Monday, August 5, 2013


I haven't done much with yarn, but my sister-in-law makes a lot of things with yarn.  Since she was going to be visiting us during her birthday, I thought it would be fun to get her some "good" yarn.  But, I had no idea where to start.  Luckily, Laura of Little and Lots was happy to direct me!  (We also have a mutual friend, which I think is pretty cool.  The world can be a small place.)

I ended up with some orangish yarn.  I think it's really pretty and I hope she likes it too!


  1. This is such an awesome colour, I just love it! I hope you post what she knits out of this skein of deliciousness :)

  2. Love your yarn and I'm sure your sister-in-law will too! There are so many wonderful yarns out there. I seem to have a fabric stash as well as a yarn stash!

  3. I know you know but I absolutely love the yarn! I can't wait to find a pattern and crochet something!!

  4. Gorgeous! You made a fabulous choice! Yay. Merino Light is so versatile--your SIL will be able to choose any number of projects. What's the name of the colorway? (I think that at least 40% of why I like to buy yarn is the names.)


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