Saturday, October 4, 2014

quilt show

My mother-in-law and I bravely took my two boys and went to the West Michigan quilt show.  It was larger than I expected, and there were lots of wonderful quilts.  Here are some of my favorites...

 Interlocking stars by Susan Hooker

 Light and Shadows by Nancy McCormick

 54-40 or Flight and ShooFly by Susan Hooker  (I just realized I have two in my favorites by her!)

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (partial image) by Sue Cortese

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese.  The quilting made this my favorite of them all.  I probably could have looked at it for a while longer, but with two small boys that didn't seem practical.

 Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese

Modern Art in Quilt Form (close up) by Sue Cortese


  1. Some great favorites! Yep, that quilting is amazing.

  2. You are brave to go to a quilt show with two little ones. Wonderful pictures, thanks for sharing!


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