Friday, April 17, 2015

Braid in a braid

Braid in a braid was another QDAD design.  I had been thinking about it for a long time in my head, but QDAD helped me flesh it out.

I put the scraps on the back in some green...I kind of like this side better than the official top.  So, besides the quilting, I didn't do anything that would make this the obvious back side so that I can flip it over sometimes.

I do like the end result of the braid in braid, although the larger braid isn't as prominent as I was expecting.

I had earlier done the "roll up the quilt to take a picture" shot (which didn't make the final cut) and my son wanted to do it too.  I like his imperfect roll.

And the flowers are just starting to show up!

I quilted it to try and emphasis the larger braids.  It is just a curvy wiggle to make some strings of beads.

I put it in its final home, on the cedar chest.  My son wondered why I put it there.  "To protect the top" I said.  "From kitty?"  "Uh, yeah.  From kitty"  and from duplo airplanes and assorted cars and whatever else feels like it needs to go on top.

(Do you see the corner of another quilt peeking into the picture?)

This is my April ALYOF (#55).  Finished well on time for once!

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  1. Your quilt is lovely, but what does QDAD mean?

  2. I like you runner. The quilting looks great. Yes..I am also wondering what QDAD stands for? Visiting from FUIF.

  3. Very nice. I like the back of the quilt too. It looks great on your cedar chest. Thanks for mentioning the QDAD. I clicked on the link and joined the group. It looks really fun!

  4. The braids are nice but I like the back a lot too!

  5. Both sides of the runner are beautiful!


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