Friday, September 19, 2014

Braid in braid

I've always thought that a braid in a braid could be a fun quilt.  Through QDAD, I finally experimented on it.  I'm still learning EQ7 so the smaller braids aren't very well done, but you can still get the idea.

Day 1: Half braid in braid.  I really just got tired of trying to get the small braids in and stopped halfway.  It's still neat though.  (Palette)

Day 2: Braid in braid, three colors.  I really like this one.  (Palette)

Day 3: Braid in Braid, four colors.  I don't like this one as much.  With an even number of colors the overall picture doesn't look as random. (Palette)

Day 4: Braid in braid in braid, three colors.  I don't like this one either.  You can only see the small braids.  If the bigger braids get lost, what's the point of doing all that work? (Palette)

So the result of all of this is that I really want to do a three color braid in braid.  I've figured out a place to put it, so now I just need to choose colors...and actually do it.  It got added to the goals list, so it'll probably happen sometime.



  1. Very cool designs, what program did you use to make them?

  2. Oh, it's nice seeing them all together like this! :D I agree, the 3 color braid in braid is the winner! :D In the colors and format you have here, it'd make a really pretty table runner. Should you need a table runner... :)


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