Monday, June 1, 2015

Month rollover

1. Sunset wall hanging.  For my June ALYOF, I would like to get the piecing finished and get ready for hand quilting.  This will be the first time doing any real hand quilting, so I need to read a bit about technique and get the proper needles and thread.  Last summer it was nice to have some handwork to do outside while my son played, so that's what this will be for this summer.  Luckily, I also found my instructions.

Other things I did this past month...
2. scrap quilt. I finished all the strips.  I have way longer strips than anticipated...but that is for another post.

3. Baby quilt, girl.  The top is pieced and quilting has started.

4. Baby blessing quilt.  I cut out some squares for people at a baby shower to write blessings on.  I've thought about layout but haven't made a final choice yet; it will probably depend on how many squares with writing come back.
5. Simply solids bee quilt.  I have the bee blocks put together and the strips for in between the bee blocks attached to one side.  I'm not sure exactly how I want to go from here.  I think I also need more blue fabric.  I know where I bought it and that it is a moda solid, so I'm hoping it is still there.

6. map wall hanging.  I bought the fabric.  I really don't need to do much with this as I don't think I'm going to quilt it. It just needs to be hemmed and hung.
7. Stack and whack.  I bought fabric and a triangle ruler.  Because I obviously needed another project. :)  I expect this won't get worked on for a while. :(

Other items on which I didn't make progress this month...
8. QST.
9. Baby boy quilt - using Urban Cabins.  I'd like to finish by July.
10. Baby quilt, boy.  I'd like to finish by August.
11. Baby quilt, gender TBD.  I'd like to finish by December

12. Space robot quilt.
13.  Pluses quilt. 
14. Orphan rocket block 
15. Pillow for family room. 
16. Quilt nautical quilt   
17. Quilt Christmas quilt 
18. Jeweled floors. 
19. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt). 
20. Winter quilt. 

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