Friday, May 29, 2015

Another baby quilt

Another friend had a baby recently. They weren't telling the gender ahead of time, so I wasn't able to get the quilt ready either. But I've finished it pretty quickly and think it turned out very cute. I also went somewhere else to take pictures. I should really do that more often; it is easy to always take the same pictures around my own house.

I first saw the pattern here.  I'm not sure from where the original pattern came.

I double dipped with some fabrics that I had purchased for another quilt but still had a lot left.  It was a pleasant surprise!

As normal for my baby quilts, the back is minky and the border is sateen.  Hmm, the quilting didn't show up as well as normal in the picture below.  Oh well...I still like showing the back.  This pictures shows that it was green.

This one's better.  Orange peels (full or half) in the colors parts and a double loop in the white parts.  I did an orange peel flower in each quadrent of the larger squars and quilted a small square inside when going between the flowers.  I like how the inner square tied it together.

And one last shot...I was thinking about taking more but it was rather windy.

This was my May ALYOF goal.  Hmm.  It appears as though I forgot to actually link up.  Oh well, I still finished!  However, I will still join up with Whoop-whoop Friday, Link-A-Finish Friday, Finish it up Friday, Sew Cute Tuesday, and Fabric Tuesday.


  1. Very cute! Did you have any trouble with the green minky showing on through the top?

  2. A very nice pattern and pretty colors.
    Best Regards

  3. Your quilt is lovely, and those pictures are great.

  4. Nice photos and a nice quilt

  5. Such a pretty quilt! Love the fabric in the larger squares. Just perfect for a baby--of either gender!

  6. What a great baby quilt! I haven't used Minky on the back yet. It looks so soft and cuddly!


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