Thursday, July 30, 2015

Places to go - finished

I finished this quilt as part of my July ALYoF goal (#30)...and before the baby has been born.

This quilt is for my cousin's son.  As part of the baby shower, everyone wrote a blessing or a Bible verse on a square of fabric.  Mine is below - "Remember that God 'will do more than we ask or imagine.' Eph 3:20."

I'm calling the quilt "Places to Go" because there are care on the themed fabric an the blessings show how to go.  And babies and toddlers always, always have places to go and things to do.

I did a stipple over the squares that didn't have writing on them and put a car (and maybe a sign) in the dark blue squares.  I found the cars from The Inbox Jaunt.  I used the simple version.  And since the stipple looked so much like a road, I added a few signs (squares and triangles on sticks) to make it look even more like a road.

The back has the car fabric.

Off we go!

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  1. Great quilt. I love the idea of the blessings on the plain squares. Great quilting

  2. I second Gina's comment: the handwritten blessings make this gift extra special. : )

  3. Really cool - love the idea of all the hand-written blessings to make it even more personal.

  4. Great fun! Lots of little touches that make it so personal - well done!

  5. What a lovely idea for a very personal baby quilt. Great job!


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