Thursday, September 17, 2015


I was almost done with Random Triangles 2 when his mom posted that his sisters were feeling a bit left out.  Hmm...I can do something about that!  So I made some pillows.  Nothing too big, but at least they get something too.

Like my other pillows, I backed them in minky.  Because...soft++

This one is a heart...but it is hard to tell.  I should have added a border on it.  The inspiration image did.

This one is the only one with quilting.  I tried some graffiti...I don't love it.  Hopefully the sister won't care though.  I'd still like to tile this block (source) sometime and see what the result looks like.

This one is my favorite.  I love the transparency effect.  It is derived from this block which is derived from the Tic Tac Toe block.

I found out this morning that they made it to their new home safe and sound!

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  1. The blue is my favorite, also, but they are all really cute. I like your quilting on the pink/purple one and can't see whatever makes you not like it as much. I've found that pillow covers are great for working out the kinks in blocks and quilting, so I play with them quite a bit. I have not used minky for backing though. Hmm, an idea to try out.

  2. Aww - that was nice, Amanda, to make these for his sisters. Love the interplay of the circles on your graffiti work. :)

  3. Cool pillows. They look great on the couch.

  4. LOVE the quilting on the purple pillow and the combinations on the green pillow are so lively and fun! Great job!


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