Friday, September 4, 2015

Random Triangles #2

I smooshed, unpicked, fiddled, cajoled, and finally got a finished top.

The points don't all match up.  In fact, some feel miles away.  But if you don't look too closely, I think it still looks great.

It's my own design...number one can be found here, in softer colors.  It still needs some work though.  I'd love for all the points to mostly match up, so there might be another one of these in a few years.

I brought the quilt to my workplace for some pictures.  The greens there are so green right now, I could almost imagine it was spring.
I did back and forth lines along the hypotenuse of the triangle.  I can tell that I'm getting pretty steady free handing lines that are parallel or perpendicular to my mid-arm, but the ones at 45 degrees are still rather shaky.  It was done with a variegated thread, and I love the result. 

As normal, it is backed with minky and bound in sateen.

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  1. I just love this bright and beautiful quilt. By smooshing do you mean when you were trying to match the points while making the top? I sometimes use my walking foot when piecing when there are lots of thick seams...just a thought. Also, I struggle with diagonal quilting as well. I'm not sure why.
    While the maker sees every flaw I want to assure you that this is fantastic and all those details are non existent in the overall finish. Again, I love it!

  2. Your quilt is really striking. Looks perfect to me!

  3. Beautiful and striking. Who'd have known you smooshed and fiddled. I do that some myself. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

  4. Striking was the first word I thought of too! It's wonderful.

  5. All thet smooching and fiddling paid off. It's beautiful! Love the quilting, too.

  6. Your quilt looks great. The milky would be such a lovely soft backing.

  7. The bright colours really dance in this quilt. Quilting on the diagonal is definitely a challenge, but all that quilty texture looks great so it was worth it! :-)


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