Friday, November 20, 2015

...and some miscellaneous things

I feel like it's been a slow sewing month.  Not that I haven't been getting things done, but they've been random things, taking paper off the back of the space robot quilt, and the like.

Here are the two random things from this past week.  First up is a cape for a Legoman.  My husband is playing a role playing game at work and just got a new cape for his character.  It's made of two pieces of grey flannel and I did my first ever embroidery for it.  I was told the cape had a nature theme to it, so the embroidery is the stem stitch.  That was the closest I thought I could come and still have it look ok.

The cape is much more fragile than I was hoping for, but it should do the job.  It was a fun little challenge, although I won't say how many iterations I went through.

The other little project was a door frictioner.  The door to our bedroom likes to swing open.  We tend to like it mostly shut.  Real door stops are out of the question because I'm still getting up in the middle of the night with the youngest child and wouldn't be able to handle anything that needed TLC.  So I put a bunch of rice in a fabric tube and then folded the ends over.  It's been working rather well.

The fabric if for a new quilt that has been on my bucket list for almost two years now.  But when I finally get to it, at least it will match the door stop!

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  1. I think your door hinges need adjusting. If I remember right, one longer screw in one of the positions would resolve it. Ask at the hardware store or maybe google. Your solution is ingenious!


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