Saturday, February 6, 2016

February rollover

It's a new month!  I like these monthly updates because I'm not always very good at updating progress on my projects but this helps keep some record.

1. A baby quilt - plus plus.  This is my goal for February.  I need to finish the quilting and put the binding on...once the baby is born.  The gender is still unknown. 

2. Baby quilt - matrix I just need to take pictures.  This month has been a bit busy.

3. The bee hive quilt. I like my throw quilts to be bigger than 3x4 squares that you receive in a bee, so I've been making a bunch more.  So far I have most of subunits done.  I'm trying to decide if I need to put them on a design floor now or if I can wait until they're in full blocks.

4. scrap quilt #2. I've been enjoying working on this.  I still really like it.  I was defending the top from two children while trying to take a picture, and didn't get a good look.  Now that I see in in the picture, I like it even more!

Other items still waiting around:

My goal for the year is to get down to 15 projects.  But then a baby boom was recently announced.  :)  I'm still hopeful though...especially if I could get a few of the small projects done.
5. Sunset wall hanging.

6. Scrap quilt.
7. Simply solids bee quilt.   
8. A triangle baby quilt.
9. Rainbow log cabin.
10.  Pluses quilt.
11. Orphan rocket block.
12. Quilt nautical quilt. 
13. Jeweled floors.

14. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  
15. Winter quilt.  
16. fabric from Christmas.  
17. Kids' quilt.  
18. A pillow with green/purple fabric.  
19. Baby quilt (girl)
20. Baby quilt (unknown)
21. Baby quilt (TBD)
22. Space robot pillow

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  1. So much lovely color in these projects, it makes my quilty heart smile. :) You've got your work so organized, you've got this!


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