Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Plus quilting

In advance of the upcoming Plus quilt finish, I thought I'd share with you how I did the quilting.  I like it since it matches the quilt piecing design so well.

1.  I'm showing the steps after doing a few pluses, but it would work at the beginning too.  For the example, we want to go to the left.  I apologize for my paint skills...who would have thought that I'd be better at quilting perpendicular lines than drawing them on the computer?  I left it as is though, because I didn't want to make it too perfect.
 2.  Go a little bit past where you want to turn (the red line).
 3. Travel back on the line you just made and then when you reach the place where you want to make the turn go the opposite way of where you want to go.  (Blue line)
 4.  Travel back on the blue line and continue on in the way you wanted to turn. (Purple line)  Continue as desired to fill the space.
 A. Sometimes you get a little stuck, but you can just add an extra cross. (Green line)
 B. Travel back on your original line and turn off, making one of the legs.  (Red line)
 C.  Travel back on that leg, going beyond the main line.   Then travel back on that little leg to the main line, turn onto it and travel back down it. (Blue line)
 D. Once you reach a place to "escape", turn and go the wrong way, then travel back on that leg and go the correct way.  Continue on as desired. (Brown line.)


  1. Love it! It's perfect for this quilt and very striking!

  2. Your quilting is fantastic - thanks for sharing the method!

  3. My first thought on looking at thefinished quilt, I can't do all those starts and stops. After reading, I think I can. No starts and stops. Clever! Oh, and did I say, I like it?

  4. Great idea and good explanation for how to do the quilting. A very nice design for the quilt.

  5. What an interesting quilting design! Came over from the completion post thinking that you had quilted it in a grid. Oops! I guess not.


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