Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April rollover

1. scrap quilt #2. This is on the quilter now!  I still am loving it.  My goal for April is to finish it up.

2. A triangle baby quilt. I'm just waiting on the gender and I'll bind it. 

3. Scrap quilt.  Some quilting is done.  It's off the quilter while I'm working on other things though.
4. bee hive scrap something.   I trimmed some HSTs, but that's all.  Progress, but not much.

5. The bee hive quilt.  All put together.  It still needs a back and to be quilted.

6. Baby quilt (girl).  I decided on a rainbow HST quilt.  It's been fun, but I have pieces strewn all over the place so a good picture is a bit out of the question.

7. Wedding quilt.  Fabric has been received.  After getting the fabric I decided a few design changes were in order because the grellow didn't contrast enough with the sand.  But the design is still close.

Other items still waiting around. 
8. Sunset wall hanging. 
9. Simply solids bee quilt.   
10. Rainbow log cabin.
11.  Pluses quilt.
12. Orphan rocket block.
13. Quilt nautical quilt. 
14. Jeweled floors.
15. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  
16. Winter quilt.  
17. fabric from Christmas.  
18. Kids' quilt.   
19. A pillow with green/purple fabric. 
20. Baby quilt (unknown)
21. Baby quilt (boy)
22. Aunt's quilt


  1. Triangles is such a great baby quilt! Maybe we will get to see how it looks with pink binding! Thank you for linking up with omg, looking fwd to the quilty finish!

  2. Love those triangles! And I'm so glad to know others have a list as least as long as mine. I need to do the FAL this quarter and get some things done. Good luck.

  3. You look to be making great progress. I really like your Bee Hive quilt. Does that have a block as its basis? Thanks.


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