Thursday, April 28, 2016

Interlocking triangles

The baby is here!  He showed up a bit early, but is doing well.

So obviously he needed a quilt.  I was going over to my parents' house and thought it would be fun to get some pictures there.  It's amazing how many fun backgrounds there can be even just going to a different house.

The design is an original.  I found out that they had this rug on their registry from Crate and Barrel.  Then I used the Play Crafts' Pallette Builder to get the colors.  I ended up changing the yellow and orange a bit so that the quilt would be a bit brighter, but am curious to see how well the others match.  My design also plays on the triangle theme, but isn't too similar to the rug.

I went back and forth on the pink...the gender was not found out until the baby was born, so should I keep the pink?  There is pink in the rug.  I decided to do it.  There isn't too much pink and it seems silly that boys shouldn't be able to have a bit of pink too.

This is my favorite picture.  It is a rock pathway that is really only about five yards long and goes no where.  But it made a great background.  If you look closely you'll notice that inside the triangles is a light tan (Kona Putty) and outside is white (Kona white).  The only reason is that I ran out of putty and was didn't want to order more.

Quilting - the triangles have a wood grain in a matching color thread while the background is stippled.

I used a flannel on the back.  I don't like it quite as much as minky, but I couldn't find the right color in minky.  The quilt is bound in red sateen.

The other colors I used were Kona Bluegrass, Mushroom, Stone, Straw, Primrose, Sunny, and Rich red.  And an orange...I can't recall where it is from.

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  1. Awesome bold design! Love your quilting.

  2. Awesome bold design! Love your quilting.

  3. Lovely design and I really dig the texture you used too! Interacts well together.


  4. Awesome quilt! Great colors and design. I like your fun photos, too!

  5. Everything about your quilt is very impressive! The baby will love those bright colors. Well done!

  6. great quilt! Such a fun, bold design.


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