Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bee hive quilt - finished

So...I finished this a while ago, but have been slow to take pictures.  And then slow to post the pictures.  I love having a record of what I've made, but sometimes I don't want to do the work.

Anyway,  this is a quilt from a Bee Hive run by Blossom Heart Quilts called Spinwheel.  I did change it a bit - prints B and D are the same color in my quilt.

The yellow spinwheels are most prominent, but there are also dark purple, grey, and light purple spinwheels too.  I had hoped for scrappy blocks, but forgot to actually say that in my instructions.  In the end I had a few blocks that stick out a bit more than the others - they aren't scrappy and the colors are a bit lighter.  I just strategically spaced them and now they are a design feature!  Score.  I actually really like them as it's a rather busy quilt and they give the eye a place to rest.

For the quilting I did loops in grey thread.  I think the loops feel like wind, and so it seemed appropriate with all the spinwheels.

I bound it in a light grey.  The back is purple minky.  It's going to an adult friend, but I love minky.  Love it!!  I strongly feel that all quilts that are meant to be used (and not just looked at, like on a wall) should be backed in something soft.

This quilt, just like me, enjoyed some relaxing this summer.

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  1. Really love this finish. I've these colors heavy on my mind lately for a new student at UW. I did not want to overdo the colorway, thinking that mostly black and greys would keep it looking more 'adult', but now I am looking at it differently. Do you, or have you pieced the minky backing?

  2. I really like your fabric combination with the pinwheels

  3. This is a great colour combination. Minky is fun on the back of a quilt.

  4. What a fun scrap quilt, Amanda. The lighter blocks add a bit of bling to the quilt and, as you wrote, give eyes a place to rest. Good quilting choice, too. I always like to see how people choose to quilt. This all over design is very effective. Congratulations on a beautiful finish.

  5. Lovely photos of a beautiful quilt

  6. This quilt is beautiful!!! I love the colours and movement from the pattern.


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