Monday, September 12, 2016

Design floor

I've spent the last three nights laying out a quilt.  I put it in a back corner and have taken many pictures, hoping that a small child/cat doesn't mess it up.

My biggest decision right now is whether to have the dark green centers seen in the left three rows.  There are trees on them, which is special to the recipient and myself, but they're a bit dark.

They don't look so bad in the picture.  I'll probably keep them.  There's also a chance I won't make it quite this big.  It feels quite big, although I guess nothing has been sewn together yet.


  1. Don't you just love a design floor!!!!NOT!
    When I have to play on the floor I use a Vinyl Table Cloth with flannel backing ( lots of end of summer mark downs right now). I lay it down with the flannel up and the breeze of a passing body doesn't rearrange them and its easy to roll it up with the pieces and parts still in place and move to the sewing machine

  2. It looks great. I like the dark green....Is your background going to be the colour of the looks good.


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