Thursday, May 31, 2018

Progress from May

May was surprisingly productive!  I'm not sure why: maybe I just worked on more projects than normal so it felt more productive or maybe I was close to milestones for several quilts and that's what made it productive.  In any case, I'll take it!

1. Robot quilt: Finished and in use!  I just need to get some 'official' pictures.

2. Bee blocks 2018 (HDD): I received the last of these yesterday, and quickly got them put together.  I was looking for something to get on the quilter soon, so this will be perfect.

3. Meshing solid HSTs:
I've been excited about this one for a while, but other things have taken priority.  I need a bit more grey to finish up the background.

4.  Scrap bee blocks 2017.  I got started on these, but they're probably going to go back on the back-burner next month.  It was nice to make some progress though.
5. Baby unknown quilt (CKJ): Done, I just need to get the 'official' pictures of this one too.

6. Wedding quilt (JEM): I have 100/525 HSTs finished.  It's going to be huge and I'm not feeling as confident with the design as I often do. 

Things I haven't worked on recently (or haven't started yet):

7. Temperature quilt. 
8. Rainbow Log Cabin
9. Scrap quilt #2
10. Jeweled floors
11. Lost piece
12. Winter quilt
13. Fabric from Christmas
14. Pillow with green/purple fabric
15. Trying to fit in - left over triangles
16. Black scrap quilt.
17. Quilt Halloween quilt
18. Baby boy quilt (ZJN)
19. Joshua robot pillowcase

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