Friday, May 25, 2018

Grandma's robot quilt

I had the privilege to quilt my son's quilt given to him by my mother-in-law.  As the youngest grandchild, this is the last grandchild least until everyone needs another one. :D

We chose the pattern together...the fabrics are the same ones that she used for my oldest's quilt.  Matching things are always so fun.  (Interestingly, in the six months it's taken me to post this I haven't really thought of them as the same colors.  The other quilt has a long more of the white/grey in it.)

I put back and forths in the white diagonals and in the white border.  I did figure 8s in the colored border in matching thread...there were a lot of tails to deal with at the end.  I also have a maze in the outermost border, but you need to look at the last picture to see that.

The part my three year old likes the most though is the robots on the back.  They're made from a soft minky, which makes them nice to snuggle up with every night.
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