Friday, June 15, 2012

Heart Progress, Behind the Seams

Today I'm linking up with Sarah's Whoop-whoop party!

Slow going on the hearts.  I was all excited two nights ago because I got the two hard pieces put together, but then last night it took me forever to figure out how to actually get those pieces together.  And the baby needed extra attention.  I managed to get the middle block together this morning, so I only have square pieces to put together now...hopefully that will be easy!

And here's the info on my linky party!

The introduction: I often feel like I don't really have much progress to show on projects.  Sure, I'm making progress, but sometimes it takes me two solid weeks to quilt a small quilt.  And I'd like something interesting to post about in the meantime.  So we'll be covering topics that are related to sewing/quilting but don't relate to how much progress you're making.

The mechanics: On the 15th of each month I'll post the topic for the next month's party.  Sometime during the month you can write a blog post about the topic...whenever works for you.  (Please include the link to this post or use the button on the side bar.)  Then link up on the 15th of the following month!

Next month's party: The oldest fabric in your fabric stash.  (Or at least the one that you think is the oldest.)  Some things to include might be a picture of the fabric, how you got it, what you think of it (do you like it?), how old you think it is, etc.

Future topics: Here are more that I'm considering.  If you have any other ideas, I'd love to hear them!
*The location you normally take your quilt pictures - zoomed out and/or without the quilt.
*Critters on a quilt - and who can get the most on at once?
*5 minute clean up - pictures before and after
*Various elements of your sewing area - fabric, ironing board, trash can, thread storage


  1. Your Mr. Linky party sounds like fun. I'm already thinking of which piece of fabric I will share. Love how your hearts are turning out. Looks a bit too difficult for me, but it's fun seeing what you are doing with them.

  2. I love your linky ideas! I already know the oldest fabric in my stash, and I'm actually planning to use it soon, so that's right up my alley :-)

    I LOVE those hearts!!!

  3. Really excited about all your ideas for topics! I would love to "link up" about my oldest fabric, but afraid I don't know how, just started blogging and learning the ropes.

    1. Hi Sarah - thanks for leaving your comment. A few things...

      1. You are a no-reply blogger. This means that when you leave comments, people can’t respond to you. I did a google search for “no reply blogger new interface” and this link: looks like it should help you. You may need to click on the pictures to see the whole picture.

      2. Linking up…there will be a linky party next month. I’m just starting this, so my intention was that you make a post about your oldest fabric sometime between now and July 15. Then come back on July 15 to add your blog to the linky party.

      3. I’ve asked that in your blog post you link back to my website so that others can find out about the party and join too! You can do this in one of two ways: 1) just add a link directly to in the post. 2) if you know how to edit the HTML code in your blog you can copy the HTML code in the box on my side bar and copy it into your blogpost. If you feel uncomfortable with HTML I’d recommend writing your post, then going to the very end of the code and copying in the code from my blog.

      Please let me know if you have any further questions!

  4. I figured out the link up! Working on the no reply blogger. Thanks!

  5. Love your Linky Party idea! You have some great topics picked out (I'm already searching for my oldest fabric). A few more topics could be - favorite tool or tip, guiltiest purchase, ugliest fabric, favorite decorative stitch and favorite "cheat" to cover a mistake!


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