Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilt 11: arrival

I sent off Quilt 11 to its handsome owner and just saw the following blog post appear.  I loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.  (Images and text used by permission.)

A Michigan blanket in Alabama

A few weeks ago, a gift from Michigan showed up. But this was no ordinary blanket, it was a blanket who enjoyed the outdoors.  Knowing that, we took it outside to make it feel more at home.

First it decided to soak up some Alabama sun after borrowing some sun glasses. Fortunately, a dark complexion means no worrying about sun screen.
Next, some tree climbing. Or at least, the closest thing we have at the house.

Then a little more relaxing fun rolling down the hill out back. 

After that, some leg-dangling off the porch with a cool bottle of water.
All that play was pretty tiring, so it came in and collapsed. But it moved around in its sleep and ended up snuggling [the baby].

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  1. Thats a cute post. I am glad it has a chance to have some fun :)


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