Friday, June 1, 2012

May accomplishments, June goals

Here's my progress from May.  I finished the top three items that I really wanted to finish early Wednesday, which gave me some time to progress of the other items on my list.

1. "Don't Touch Me"  - finished!
2. Create a pattern for Don't Touch Me - finished and out for testing!

3. Finish quilting another baby quilt - finished!  The official post will be up in a few days, but here's a preview.

4. Finish a shower curtain - started with good progress.

5. Quilt another baby quilt - no progress.
6. Try paper piecing and FMQ.  I was thinking of making some coasters.  Paper piece coasters just got started yesterday with several speed bumps. Maybe I should have read the directions on the technique more carefully.

Choosing the top three things to work on really worked well for me last month.  I'm sure I would have gotten sidetracked several times otherwise!  So here are my top three for June:

1. Finish the shower curtain.
2. Mend.  I have a pile of it with two quilts, two pillowcases, a shirt, a swimsuit, three pairs of pants, a coat button, a cushion, and a window shade.  It would be nice to get it out of my work space and most of them will go very quickly.

3. Finish piecing the coasters.

And the "if I'm lucky":
4. Quilt the coasters
5. Start a heart quilt. (I really want to do this one.  It was hard to not put it in the top three.)
6. Quilt the other baby quilt.
7. Come up with a design for the fabric I won.

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  1. Your baby quilt colors are so summery and pretty! April @ Little Mama Hen

  2. Hi from small blog meet! I like your color selections in general and something about the green coaster just grabs my eye. Keep on!

  3. I got here from the small blog meet too. I love your baby quilt! And I'm impressed that you have patterns for sale already (I like the "window boxes")

  4. Great quilts! There is always so much to do and not enough time!

  5. Great work - my favourite is the green/blue/orange/brown baby quilt - finding I'm drawn to this colourway the more I'm seeing it now on different blogs. Dropped by from Lily's Quilts as part of the small blog meet and discovered I'm already following you so a double size "hi" :)

  6. Your quilts look really colorful! I really like the star with the white background, it's so pretty!

  7. Hello! I'm amazed that you can get so much done with a small baby in the house! Love your colourful quilts.

  8. Whew! You had a busy, productive month. Very inspiring.

  9. Good for you! I hate it when the mending piles up, but it's such a great feeling to get everything fixed.


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