Monday, February 4, 2013

Sarah's quilt

Sarah contacted me a little bit before Christmas wondering if I'd be interested in quilting a quilt for her.  I was thrilled and quickly said yes!

However, I am a pretty slow quilter.  I just finished it, and think it came out pretty well.

The majority of the quilt was done with pebbles in the quarter circles and three wavy lines in the middles.  It is a dusty brown thread, so it shows up well.  I really like how these blocks turned out.

The inner border got criss-crossing lines and the outer border got straight lines.  I'm quite happy with the straight lines...they managed to be straight!  I definitely think I will be doing these again.

The criss-crossing lines are a different story.  I think they are passable, but that's about it.  I offered to take them out when I only had one side done but Sarah said not to worry about it.  I decided that if it was my quilt I'd leave them in...and so they stayed.

Sarah did an awesome job piecing the top!  I realized that as I was doing the outer was so straight and made my job much easier.

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  1. You did a wonderful job quilting this quilt, it really adds a great dimension and interest to the design.

  2. Wow you really did a great job! Good job for your first customer quilt!

  3. That one is looking awesome! Great quilting!

  4. She did do a wonderful job! I can't wait to get it! Being a beginner quilter, Amanda was very helpful (and clever), on picking the different designs for the quilt! I am so happy!

  5. I'm impressed. All those pebbles must have taken forever.

  6. You did a great job on a beautiful quilt. I especially love how the pebbling looks on that pink (batik?).

  7. Very pretty, Amanda! I particularly like the curvy lines down the middle, and I think your inner borders look pretty good. I know what you mean, though - I gave my first custom quilt the name "Friends Don't Let Friends Quilt Drunk" because my curves were so "organic"! How did you do your straight lines in the outer borders? (I'm assuming you did this on a long arm...)


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