Thursday, January 31, 2013

January accomplishments, February goals

It's that time again!  I'll admit, I look forward to the month changing so I can take stock of what I've done.  I feel like I got a lot done this month, although I didn't get my top three completely done.

1. Finish duvet. Not finished, but close.  I mis-remembered the dimensions, so it is a little small.  Luckily, I sent it over for a test run before doing the final seam so it shouldn't be too hard to fix.  I do need some more fabric though.  Again.
2. Finish Adding Up Nicely.  Done!  I sent it the day before the baby came.

3. Quilt Sarah's quilt.
Done!  With about two hours to spare.  I still need to bind it though, so this will be on February's list too.

4. Interlocking hearts quilt (finish by end of April).  I got several blocks finished, and I'm finally happy with the piecing templates that I have.  I still need to do two more magenta hearts and three more green hearts.

5. work on the I-spy quilt  (finish by mid April).  Progress was made on this too!  About 1/3 of the novelty fabrics are in the background fabric now.

6. make the wall hanging for office.  No progress.
7. pretend to work on scrap quilt.  Done!  I love hitting my goal on this one every month.
8. finish green coasters.
No progress
9. Aunt's throw.
No progress
10. Pillow for family room.
No progress
11. Quilt map quilt. No progress
12. Another wall hanging for upstairs. No progress
13. Quilt red quilt for mother-in-law.  I now have all the pieces and could start.
14. Random triangles (finish by end of April). 
Triangles cut!  I might end up cutting more yellow ones, we'll see.

15. Fractured quilt.  No progress
16. Jeweled floors. No progress
17. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas). No progress
Addition #1: Simply Solids Bee Block - February. Done!  I feel proud of myself for finishing over a month ahead of schedule.

                               Puce group: Duck Creek Puzzle 

For February, my top three goals are
1. Finish Sarah's quilt.
2. Finish duvet.
3. Finish the top of the I-spy.

Hopefully I will be able to finish (or at least work on) a lot more, as I don't think the top three will take up too much time and I don't have any goals for the quilter.
4. Interlocking hearts quilt (finish by end of April).
5. make the wall hanging for office.
6. pretend to work on scrap quilt.
7. finish green coasters.
8. Aunt's throw. 
9. Pillow for family room.
10. Quilt map quilt.
11. Another wall hanging for upstairs.
12. Quilt red quilt for mother-in-law. 
13. Random triangles (finish by end of April). 
14. Fractured quilt.
15. Jeweled floors.
16. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas).
17: Simply Solids Bee Block -March
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  1. I just loooove your interlocking hearts quilt. Is this your own pattern??? If it is, I hope you plan to put it on Craftsy! I would love to make on of my own.

  2. I love the 'adding up' quilt! The hearts look fab too, well done :)

  3. I like your blue, green and white block at the bottom of your post. It is fresh and the combination of the square and triangles looks lovely.

  4. I love the start of a new month too! I really like your Adding Up quilt - those colors are so great. Those interlocking hearts look fun too.

  5. I love the finish on Adding Up! That quilt is a must try!

  6. I love your Simply Solids bee block - those blues and greens are gorgeous against the stark white background!

  7. those linked hearts are so unique, love them. congrats on sending off the quilt just in time for baby - it's really precious.

  8. So many fabulous projects - love the interlocking hearts!

  9. I love the Adding Up Nicely quilt, very pretty. You have lots of great projects happening. I love your number6, lol.

  10. Adding up is awesome! The colors you chose are fantastic. Great job!


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