Sunday, March 17, 2013

A bag

I thought that I had plenty of bags.  But then I decided that I wanted a small messenger bag so that I could carry some baby essentials without having to carry the whole diaper bag.  Since I didn't have one that fit the bill and I did have some beautiful fabric waiting to be used, I decided to make my first bag.

I got the pattern from mmmcrafts (for free!.  I used some great fabric that I won in a giveaway from Jessica at Quilty Habit.


One of the things that I like about this bag, besides being really easy to make, is that is has a distinct bottom. 

I added an extra pocket to the inside, since I figure that too many pockets are better than not enough.  I'll also admit...the inside wasn't finished by the time I wanted to use the bag.  So I used it without the inside in place and the extra strap length stuffed in the bag.  I figure that it gave me a chance to check out the strap length before committing to it.


  1. So cute! I love seeing what you made with your winnings :D

  2. Cute bag! Great idea! I have been thinking of making a small pouch to hold the diapers.

  3. Great bag and a good idea to test the strap length :)

  4. Your bag is so adorable! I like the extra pockets. I never have enough pockets!

  5. Awesome, I love the size of the bag and the fabrics you used.

  6. Amazingly cute! Need to make one for myself this summer!


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