Sunday, March 31, 2013

March accomplishments, April goals

March March.  I got my goals completed, although not much else.  Well, I bought fabric for several of the projects!  I went on vacation and my mother-in-law also quilts so we went to several fabric stores. :)

1. Quilt Sarah's next quilt.  Done!  I still need to do the binding though.

2. Quilt I-spy.  Done!  I don't have any pictures yet though as this also still needs a binding and some threads buried.
 3. Finish piecing Interlocking hearts and make a binding for it.  Mostly done.  The quilt is pieced and I've even started the quilting.  (Two rows out of seven are completed.)  The binding isn't all put together, but it's really close.  (And I still  have the rest of the night...)

I'll also try to get some work done on these:
4. make the wall hanging for office.  No progress.
5. pretend to work on scrap quilt.  Check.
6. finish green coasters. No progress
7. Aunt's throw.  No progress
8. Pillow for family room. No progress
9. Another wall hanging for upstairs. Well, some of this fabric got turned into a messenger bag instead.  I'm pretty happy with the change!

10. Quilt red quilt for mother-in-law.  No progress
11. Random triangles (finish by end of April). The HSTs are trimmed and ready to be sewn into rows.  I might get my son to help with that...he's a great randomizer/chaos maker.

12. Fractured quilt.
I got the fabric!  I am really excited about it.

13. Jeweled floors.  I got some fabric!  I got it at two different stores thinking it was the same pattern, but it isn't.  I like the one on the top the best...we'll see what I end up doing.  The red and dark blue might end up going towards a different project.

14. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas). No progess

15. Write a pattern for interlocking hearts.  No progress.
Addition #1: Baby boy blanket.   I got some fabric.  This is my first precut pack...I was hoping to find some charms that I liked but the stores didn't have a huge selection of them.  Also, the actual fabric is much brighter than how it appears in the picture.
source: Fat Quarter Shop

For three biggest goals need to be finished by the middle of the month.  I think I'll be able to do it, but it might be a little tight.  But then I'll have plenty of time to flit between other projects!

1. Bind Sarah's quilt.  (This shouldn't take long.)
2. Bind I-spy and bury threads.  (There are a lot of threads to bury, but it still shouldn't be too bad.)
3. Finish Interlocking hearts.  (If all goes to plan, I'll have a few extra days before this is due.  Hopefully.)

I'll also try to get some work done on these:
4. make the wall hanging for office.
5. pretend to work on scrap quilt.
6. finish green coasters.
7. Aunt's throw. 
8. Pillow for family room.
9. Pattern testing of some numbers.
10. Quilt red quilt for mother-in-law.
11. Random triangles (finish by end of April). 
12. Fractured quilt.
13. Jeweled floors.
14. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas).
15. Write a pattern for interlocking hearts.
16. Baby boy quilt from jelly roll.
17. April Simply Solids block.
18. Think about another baby quilt

Looks like I have plenty to do. :)

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  1. Oooh, I love long lists. It looks like you got a lot done, hooray!

  2. Yay lots of goals! Can't wait to see that interlocking hearts pattern :)

  3. Looooooong list!;-)
    Good luck and lots of fun!

  4. That is quite the list - good luck. Your interlocking hearts quilt is great!

  5. Your heart quilt is great and I love the blue star in Sarah's quilt. Good luck with your list.

    Cheers Pauline

  6. Love the hearts!!! Great list!

  7. Love the interlocking hear quilt.


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