Saturday, April 6, 2013

Almost done!

I'm almost done quilting the interlocking hearts quilt!  I did some things differently with this one...

I did end up using a pantograph, and my laser pointer batteries were giving me problems.  So I used a stylus (kabob skewer).  Still not ideal, but better than buying expensive batteries that don't last very long.  I need to find a different laser pointer.

Someone also asked why I wasn't using any cones, and I didn't really have a good reason.  So I ordered one and it worked really well.  I put some batting scraps on the spindle to help it from jiggling around.

I'm on the last row!


  1. Your stylist engineering was quite innovative! Love the panto you chose, How big is the quilt? It look a lot smaller in the other pictures.

  2. Looking great.
    I would love to know more about your quilting machine. Is this a short arm?

  3. OHHH! Loved this one from the start - looking forward to seeing your finish, what a pretty quilt design you have chosen.

  4. I love the quilting pattern you choose. The quilt is going to look great.

  5. very cool!

  6. Glad to see you sew close to the big finish! Great stuff!


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