Monday, September 30, 2013

September accomplishments, October goals

I wasn't very close in finishing up any goals this month.  I was busy playing Minecraft.  But here's how the month went:
1. Finish the One-up quilt.  I got a lot of quilting done, but still have several rows to finish.

2. Finish the Charmed baby quilt. The flimsy is done and I purchased the backing.

3. Send out the September Simply Solids Block.  Done!!  I really liked this block.

7. Aunt's throw.  I think I have all the pieces cut.  I haven't actually counted my lights/mediums/darks though, so I might be a little short.

10. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas).  The fabric has been purchased and I'm working on the pictures
14. Surprise mini (Christmas) I have the flimsy done but can't show any pictures. :(
17. Christen's T-shirt quilt Almost all the T-shirts have been cut out

So for October my main goals look very similar.  I feel as though I should add a few more things that I really want to finish, but I'm afraid that would put half the list in there.  I'm trying to keep top priorities focused.

1. Finish the One-up quilt.  This is my Lovely Year of Finishes goal. I'm finishing up the sky and have the ground to do too.

Other things I'd really like to try and finish...
2. Finish the Charmed baby quilt.
3. Send out the October and November Simply Solids Blocks

And the other things that are still on the list, hanging out:
4. make the wall hanging for office.
5. pretend to work on scrap quilt.
6. finish green coasters.
7. Aunt's throw. 
8. Pillow for family room.
9. Jeweled floors.
10. Picture quilt (finish by Christmas).
12. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt)
13. Baby girl daisy quilt
14. Surprise mini (Christmas)
15. Baby paper airplane quilt
16. Baby quilt - undecided pattern/greens
17. Christen's T-shirt quilt
18. Simply solids green quilt
19. Winter quilt
20. Orphan rocket block
21. Quilt table runner (ideally by Thanksgiving)
22. Quilt pony quilt (ideally by Christmas)
23. Quilt mint green baby quilt
24. Quilt nautical quilt


  1. Charming looks awesome! I love the colors you picked. How are you planning on quilting it?

  2. Good luck finishing your quilt. Quilting can be such a challenge and take so long.


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