Wednesday, September 18, 2013

WIP Wednesday

This week (and last week) I haven't been making much progress.  (Minecraft is the culprit.  I'm breeding bees and it's rather addictive.)

I have managed to finish my simply solids block though.  (Tutorial found here.)  This was a fun block to make, although I did have a hard time making it big enough.  I had to keep adding more squares.

I'm also quilting the 1-up quilt (based on this guide).  I was hoping to be almost done by now, but I'm not even half way. 

I might not be making much progress, but I'm still having fun! 

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  1. Nice projects - I like all the solids together!

  2. Love the 1up quilt!!!

  3. The 1-up quilt is fabulous. So much fun.

  4. Ooo! I am loving your 1-up quilt! Best of luck getting it finished. :)


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