Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Thread sorter

After lots of thinking and seeing a similar solution by Heidi at Red Letter Quilts, I finally have a thread sorter that I like.

I had several requirements...
1) I could put cones of thread anywhere as I wanted to keep like colors together
2) It was realativly cheap
3) I could hang it on the wall
4) I could store my bobbins with it

I went to Lowes and got one of the shelves that are white.  Then I had a nice background for the thread and didn't need to do anything to make it look nice.  I also found the longest (3.5") and skinniest nails that I could.  This way I could put my bobbins under the thread on the nails.

I separated the nails by 3" and attempted to put them at a 70ยบ angle.  Who knew that protractor that I've been carrying around with me since high school would ever come in handy again?  I'll admit, some of the nails are a little off, but I think it still looks fine.   (Sorry about the's in a poorly lit corner.  I know that defeats the purpose a little bit, but in real life I can still see the beautiful colors pretty well.)

I still have several nails...I think that means I need more thread. :)


  1. Very creative! In no time you'll need another!

  2. Very cool. I still need to get mine made!!!

  3. Now you need to market the idea so that the rest of us can buy one ready made. :-) I've seen ones iwth room fo r bobbins, but the new thing is that cones fit too.

  4. LOVE it! I was thrilled to read that my post helped inspire your final plan. It turned out great and the colors really POP


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