Monday, October 21, 2013

Table runner and loops

My mother-in-law made a nice fall table runner.

I quilted loops on it.  They reminded me of falling leaves.

I also made one large mistake...instead of looping I turned a sharp corner.  I marked it when it happened to reevaluate later, and later I thought it still looked bad.  So I unpicked it, intending to resew.  But then I realized I could unpick just a little bit more and use the edge of the leaf to continue the can't even tell there are a few stiches missing. :)  (That white thing in the middle is an arrow showing you the problem area.)


  1. That's the longest table runner I've ever seen, she must have a huge table. Nice work, both of you! A great quilter isn't measured by her mistakes but how well she can hide them! Well done!

  2. Your correction looks great, though I am guessing that you would have been the only one to ever be able to see the mistake :)


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