Friday, January 30, 2015

Noah's quilt

My goal for January in ALYOF was Noah's quilt.  I finished it!  I was debating about taking pictures yesterday because it was so grey out, but then very pretty big snowflakes started falling and I quickly grabbed the camera.

This quilt is from a QDAD design.  The first one that I've actually finished.  In EQ7 the block is a criss-cross variation.  I colored it and then mirrored and rotated it in some places. 

This was the original coloring:

You might (or might not) notice that there is a slight change though.  I made the blocks so that they were very easy to make, but it means that I cut of some of the points on the rectangles by the HSTs.  I thought about it for a second and then decided it would be a design feature.

For quilting I did Mesh Curtain from Leah Day.   I really like the texture that it creates, although I formed it a little differently then she did in the video.  It was easier to keep track of where I was if I didn't do any overlapping until the first layer was down in a section.  And while this is a very easy and forgiving quilting pattern, it also takes a lot of thread.  I probably used at least twice as many bobbins as I normally do.

The kona colors are tomato, citrus, kiwi, and water.  It is backed in a grey minkie.  I love pieced backs, but I love the softness of minkie even more.

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  1. I really like that quilting pattern, and the density makes the pattern pop! Looks cuddly - congrats reaching your Jan Goal!

  2. Congratulations on your finish. I love the colors and design of this quilt. How did you like sewing with minky?

  3. Very pretty quilt. I love your color choices.

  4. Design features are ever so much better than mistakes. The quilting looks good too--thanks for the thread warning. I've used several of Leah Day's designs and like doing most of them.

  5. Your colors are so much brighter than the original. It is adorable!!!


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