Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I don't feel like I got a ton done in January, but I also started playing a computer game more again.  Life is rough when you have too many hobbies. :p

1. Baby Elanor's quilt. My February ALYOF goal is to completely finish the top.  I have two more rows put on since the picture was taken and it still isn't quite wide enough so I'm making two more rows.  I'm hoping it doesn't look too crazy and that I can finish it by the end of February.  I'm going with an easy quilting pattern, so that should help.

2. Braid in braid.  This was supposed to be a quick and easy quilting job, but I'm currently on my third thread and have unpicked the right two braids about four times.  Urg.  But I think it's finally a go, and now it should be quick and easy.  Except that I might run out of thread...

3. Baby girl quilt.  I've mapped out the pieces needed for the next baby quilt.  Colors are not correct.  It'll be more girly.

And a whole bunch of quilts that I didn't touch this month.  (Dates are when they were started)...
4. Baby quilt, unknown gender.  Not sure what I'm doing with this yet.
5. Baby quilt, gender TBD.  No progress. I'd like to finish by July.
6. Baby quilt, gender TBD.  No progress. I'd like to finish by August.
7. Aunt's throw. No progress. I'd really like to finish by Easter.

8. Baby quilt - urban cabins. No progress
9. scrap quilt.  Still working on blue
10. Space robot quilt.  No progress
11.  Pluses quilt.  April 2011.
12. Make the wall hanging for office.  June 2012.
13. Orphan rocket block  July 2013.
14. Pillow for family room.  August 2013.
15. Simply solids bee quilt.  August 2013.
16. Quilt nautical quilt  Nov 2013. 
17. Quilt Christmas quilt  Nov 2013.
18. QST.  Sept 2014
19. Orangy quilt.  Oct 2013
20. Jeweled floors.  Not started
21. Lost piece (almost whole cloth quilt).  Not started
22. Winter quilt. Not started


  1. I LOVE the bright rainbow colours in the top quilt! It's going to be fabulous. And the quilting on the middle one is very cool. Wishing you luck! (Visiting from ALYOF)

  2. Your rainbow baby quilt is going to be lovely and will be a fun one to have finished!

  3. you have a lot of fun designs :) www.crazyforpurple.com

  4. I love the pattern and colors for quilt #1. Good luck finishing it!

  5. I love the rainbow quilt design! I can hardly wait to see it finished. Good luck on reaching your ALYOF goal!

  6. love the design of the rainbow quilt!


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