Saturday, March 28, 2015

A hard finish

I just finished Baby V's quilt.  I had timed it so that it should have been finished about a week ago.  However, the binding acted up on me.  It was terrible and almost made me miss the March ALYOF goal (#70 from the begining of the month).  But maybe I should start at the beginning...

I started this quilt by finding the fabric, which I rarely do.  Then I used a few QDAD sessions to figure out exactly what I wanted to do.  The first quilt came out like this, and while I love it I also knew it looked nothing like what I was going for.

So here was the next try - completely different, but what I wanted (although in different colors).

Here's the finished product. 

Since the print squares go between colors, there were a lot of T-seams.  It was fun to figure out the best way to make it in order to have a miniumum number of pieces and have it not be too hard to make.  The T-seams really weren't too bad though...maybe one of these days I'll be ready for Y-seams.

Her brother also had his blanket pictured on the wood pile.  We got rid of the wood pile, but the wood holder has been a nice prop for quilts.

I really enjoyed quilting this one.  I put a different design in each color and matched the the back looks pretty cool too.

Grid play in the pink and wavy lines in the orange.

Clam shells in the yellow and wood grain in the green.

Woven cross-hatch in the blue and loops in the background.

So...back to the binding.  I like to use the pre-made satin binding.  I had to go to two different stores to get the two packages I needed.  (And that is after leaving the first store empty handed once because the line was so long and not moving.)  I've been feeling that my bindings are getting a lot better lately, so, of course, I tried to switch it up and make it better.  It didn't work, and I ended up unpicking a bunch of places.  But it's on and when you don't look too closely it looks fine.


  1. I really like the texture created by the fill on the blue! Will have to use that on something I make.

  2. I doubt if baby is going to look closely at the binding. :-) Nice design and nice bright colors.

  3. It's a very cute quilt! I think you are brave to try a satin binding, that stuff shifts a lot. You probably did this ; but, did you use your walking foot to do the primary sewing? I find it relly helps with the bunching? cheers.

  4. What a great design. I love the bright colours.

  5. What a cute quilt. The different quilt designs in the colors make it so interesting! I definitely think you are ready for "Y" seams. Great job!


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